1. He has to the freedom to read what he wants. Your only job as a sister is to caution him on the potential downfalls of the material, but you can't stop him from consuming that content

  2. Is this for TikTok or FB? I'm guessing the product you're selling is too low ticket

  3. Both. But funny you say that tho, because a big dropshipper in my country recommend items you can buy $1-3 a piece and sell $13-15 a piece

  4. You can but it must be a product that people will tend to buy multiple quantities of. Or it has to have an upsell with high take rate

  5. Can confirm I stayed there a few months ago and service was top notch. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

  6. Try changing her diet. For me it completely stopped the flare ups, now I just deal with flakiness and dry skin

  7. Now he's gonna have a Netflix docuseries trying to convince us he works hard when the cameras are on

  8. Just how much money rules the world. Everything comes down to money. The job you work, where you live etc.

  9. Jake is so thirsty for this fight to say he beat a 'real boxer' lmao give it up Jake, Tommy Fumbles is too scared

  10. I mean give it a shot! But taper your expectations. Dropshipping is very very hard this day and age. Tons of competition and ads are more expensive than ever to run. Plus consumers have gotten much better at sniffing out dropshipping stores that have long delivery times.

  11. You make some very good points but there's a couple over-generalizations that I think are important to correct for anyone looking to get in the space

  12. This is awesome news to me and the son actually could pull it off if he gets in the right shape

  13. You're right, like all Youtubers are clickbaity but it is ESPECIALLY bad in the VR space because there's actually very little to get excited about

  14. Really wish there was a standalone version of stumble soccer, I almost never get this map when I play

  15. As an INTP I'm curious why on earth you'd want to be one lmao

  16. Interesting question. Endless procrastination is one of my biggest flaws, hence I’d like to know how it feels to be a xxxJ, possibly an ExTJ.

  17. As an INTP I thought ENTPs had no issue taking action! I actually would've said ENTP or INTJ purely for the fact that I thought I wouldn't have procrastination issues lol

  18. Yep almost every teacher would tell my parents "he is smart but doesn't apply himself"

  19. You got no offer, no reviews and your descriptions are very short

  20. That's actually a good question and it really comes down to preference and where you feel you're most proficient but personally I love the speed and scalability of paid ads but it is a constant challenge to stay profitable

  21. I wish there was a whole game of just stumble soccer. Would be better than rocket league

  22. Oh right, congrats! Hitting $2k days is a good milestone, it's the first time you really feel like you're scaling :)

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