Jon Stewart gives fiery speech on Capitol steps ahead of second vote on burn pits. “You can attack me all you want... but here’s the beautiful thing, I don’t give a s**t. I’m not scared of you” said the former late night talk show host

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Atlanta’s Music Midtown Festival Canceled After Court Ruling Made It Illegal to Keep Guns Out of Event

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  1. Saw the term Hatriots on here. Seems to fit

  2. From his resignation speech (Dec 7, 2017): “I may be resigning my seat..”

  3. Lol, he was HEAVILY pressured to resign. They can't just fire him, but they can strip any bit of power he had. He was kicked out.

  4. Interesting. My biggest problem with simulation theory is that it requires the prime universe to have an infinitely powerful computer because any computer in a simulation is actually being run by the computer in the universe that created it. If there can be infinite simulations, an infinite computer is required as it will be doing all the computation in every universe.

  5. I don't think this is the case, though, is it? The prime computer (and all computing in the simulations) just need to simulate the "systems" that make computing possible. The prime computer needs to simulate the laws of the universe, which enable intelligence to create computing systems, whether thats silicon based chips or something completely different and more powerful. Its not how we think of computing within computing these days. The prime computer isn't emulating the simulated computers. It is providing the building blocks required to create computing systems.

  6. How could that possibly work? If it's not contained in the computer, then it's in the real world which means it's not its own universe, just part of our universe. Where is the simulation if it's not in the computer?

  7. I don't know why you're getting downvoted for asking questions, so I'm sorry. Also don't know why people are so opposed to discussing philosophy on the philosophy subreddit.

  8. These are not random YouTubers they are journalist. Krystal bell was on msnbc until they wouldn’t let her report on news unless she held the tribal line and saagar worked as a White House correspondent and most of the people they have talking write as independent journalists like Washington post or New York Times.

  9. Sagaar was a WH correspondent for the... Daily Caller?? Wow, definitely non-partisan viewers there.

  10. Sooooooooo instead of listening to the clip and contesting the point you shoot it down because you don’t like who’s saying it? If I didn’t know you were defending Fauci I’d assume you were on the hard right with that Fox News mindset


  12. Just had the same issue. Seems better now

  13. What is pay to win about it? I only jumped in after the update but have won games without spending money. Isn’t everything you can buy cosmetic? Very new player

  14. Yeah, its not pay-to-win. OP is using the wrong term. They mean free-to-play.

  15. You can buy season rank progression. That's pay to win. They make it so slow so people will buy ranks to get their next cosmetic of choice.

  16. That's not pay-to-win, friend. Pay-to-win implies that you are able to pay real world money to gain advantages over other players. For example, being able to buy a gun that does more damage than than the unpaid version. Fall Guys is just pay to progress through the battle pass. All battle pass systems have that.

  17. It's almost if Biden et al we're lying when they called the law Jim Crow 2.0

  18. Tell us you don't know what Jim Crow is without telling us you don't know what Jim Crow is.

  19. Come on, this is disingenuous. Putting a slant on a controversial bill by giving it a name is "a little" biased compared to stuff that the likes of Carlson are saying. Tucker Carlson is literally on TV saying stuff like Ukraine staged the mass graves and videos of casualties. Fox News constantly pushes lies and conspiracy theories that are verifiably false. That is not news. CNN may slant the news, but they are not knowingly pushing inaccuracies and lies.

  20. Ok, you got me there. Carlson did not say that Ukraine. I should have verified that before posting.

  21. For #2, I *think* I solved this by going into the advanced audio settings and changing my setup to Headphones. I think this might have something to do with surround sound. Try it and see.

  22. I know I'm just on person, but I am brand-new to the game, coming off of a love of Halo since day 1 of the first game. Halo Infinite's network issues and general lack of content have put me off, so I decided to try Splitgate last week. This week, I bought the battle pass. I am really enjoying Splitgate because it *feels* like the Halos that I used to love. I hope this game has legs

  23. I just got into Splitgate myself. It feels like Halo 3 with the portal gun from Portal 1/2. It also has a floaty double jump that is fun to use. All guns are basically Halo weapons. And its FREE!

  24. What's the alternative when you're trying to sink someone and they respawn?

  25. I mean, just don't spawn me right in front of a blunderbuss? I can't count how many times the game respawned me in right in front of the ONE enemy on board. How am I supposed to have a chance to defend myself if I'm dead before I can get my weapon out. Spawn camping is the absolute worst part of the game. Really off-putting to casual players, as well.

  26. Try Worldbox, I could sit and watch that forever.

  27. I'm one of her constitutents. I don't care about getting downvoted by lefties. After hearing her on TimcastIRL talking about forcing recorded votes, I have no problem voting for her again.

  28. Dude, this woman is 100% in on the lie that the election was stolen from Trump. This is a dangerous lie and dangerous time for our country. Her and others like her need to be purged from any leadership position, quickly. If you "have no problem voting for her again", then you are part of the problem, as well. Because she supports roll call votes? Most of her support for that is just slowing down legislation. Sure, we should know how our representatives vote, but Democrats believe that, too. It's a not a Marjorie Taylor Greene invention.

  29. I agree with having both of these options and surprised that the permanent grapple isn't already included.

  30. Update your game, then you can play again!

  31. Omicron is the flu variant. You would know that if you didn’t exclusively watch fear porn. Go ahead stay inside the rest of your life- we will not miss you

  32. Omicron is most certainly NOT the flu variant. That's asinine. We are averaging 1700 deaths PER DAY. The 2017-18 flu season had 5700 deaths total associated with the flu. You, sir, are getting and spreading misinformation.

  33. You do realize that omnicron has 50% less hospitalization than delta, right?

  34. Got a link for either of those claims? Nothing on Google agrees with your claim about Denmark. Quite the opposite, really. You really are just a head-in-sand Fox News (or worse) ding-dong. You didn't even respond to the fact that 1700 Americans a day are still dying COVID related deaths.

  35. The days reset at 1pm EST / 10am PST.

  36. Would be great if this was stated literally anywhere in the game itself. The event is still talking about completing challenges.

  37. You must be looking at a different game. Mine says I need to complete challenges to progress. Then the challenge screen has nothing about this.

  38. Is it once a day or once every 24 hours? I just played a match today and it didn’t unlock level 2…

  39. Do you have any factual evidence to support this? Probably not lol.

  40. I wonder how much turning the graphical quality down would help battery? I'm going to test it some.

  41. Yes, PLEASE! On every tournament, the 2nd game freezes on loading every time. I have to kill the game and load back in.

  42. Well, if you watch the speech, he Asked a question that was speaking of administering disinfectant straight to the lungs. If you've ever heard of an "inhaler" it administers medicine straight to the lungs.

  43. So do you think spitballing the administering of disinfectant straight to human lungs on national TV is an indicator of mental decline? Did you not notice anything else from the Trump presidency that would indicate mental decline?

  44. No. I think that's how unscripted conferences go without a teleprompter. It's hard to recognize since we had 8 years of a teleprompter president. And now we're In for a few more.

  45. Do you find it hypocritical that you only see mental decline in the current president, which you oppose, but did not observe any mental deficiencies in Trump over the 4 years of his presidency? Did you not notice anything from the Trump presidency that would lead you to believe that he isn't at full mental capacity?

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