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When laughter meets percussion

  1. Because I frankly think it’s a dumb mechanic but I still wanted to retain it for other characters at least so my less than careful play style is punished in some way.

  2. alright. I'll start with 4mi tomorrow, I'll reply with my warmup, pace, and postrun workout when im done

  3. Parity issue: trident spawn rates are different between Java and bedrock. No, really, why is that even a thing?

  4. Wow, Java needs to fix that, at the very least for parity.

  5. Yeah i remember reading some BS about how the only differences there were had technical reasons (like combat i guess it is harder to have Java combat on consoles and tablets), but this here is just horseshit

  6. OOP is reblogging their own post and included the tags that another person had added to their reblog.

  7. yeah, why did that other person make so many long tags instead of a reblog?

  8. That's just what Tumblr does sometimes. Comments in the form of overly long tags are just some people's preferred way to engage. Sometimes it's so your comments don't show up in the OP's notes, sometimes it's just because reasons.

  9. I figured it was some kind of a meme since i have seen responses as tags before (and the associated "screenshot of a funny tag someone added by OP with a variation of 'you can't just leave this in the tags'" meme), just it is usually not this excessive, this was legit painful to read

  10. Not all of these are good. Muteking and human bug daigaku are extremely bare bones in terms on animation. Babylon and Takt op are pretty bad in terms of story. A good portion of these are pretty mid in my opinion but there are more in this list that I would rewatch than ones I wouldn’t want to see again.

  11. thanks for the extra information. I was definitely going to actually vet the items on the list individually, but it is a good starting point and your data helps further.

  12. Yes, the long term solution is legislation, but likey not that legislation.

  13. Yes another person thinking the same. If i were to take over the world tomorrow i would 1) give everyone UBI and 2) remove most IP laws. Completely. But one would be sacred, giving credit to the artist. Anything else goes away. You create a drawing it is part of the world now.

  14. The image usually going around the internet has a different illustration which makes it worse imo:

  15. Norwegian, "frontrute", literally the "front pane", like a glass pane or even a tile or a square or a rombus

  16. In Russian it's "forehead glass"

  17. I'm here for pictures of big things, but this is an island. Is anyone here actually afraid of islands?

  18. and yet somehow 4k upvotes i swear the voting system was a mistake

  19. "Once the TiltWatch Plus indicator is ARMED"

  20. "Once the TiltWatch Plus indicator is ARMED, Mr. Fun Little Plastic Ball is no longer your friend"

  21. Раскукожь мою ебалайку!

  22. Крис Энджел это лучше делает сука понял?

  23. Это точно тапок? Может он обосрался

  24. Какая страна, такие и теракты

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