1. I mean... the storyboard artists admitted that "drawing as many hot people as possible in their hippe utopia" was their intention, but go off I guess.

  2. I'm not here to debate how hot the cartoon characters are, just repeating what the storyboard artists said.

  3. According to Kamiya, the records of time Bayonetta from the first game is Cerezita (who created a new timeline when she choose to fight the angels with Jeanne instead of being sealed). I know that dosen't make srnse, but nothing about the first game does.

  4. Ren. Any other show would have killed his cardboard ass years ago and let Nora be a real character.

  5. Ironically, Ren is the one with character development while Nora is the flat cardboard cutout of a person.

  6. Adam, he hasn't been been a good character since V3, which is somehow the same volume that ruined him!

  7. An odd take. After 2 games of being Bayo's passive support and comedic relief, he finally has some agency and you think this somehow makes Bayo look weak? She's still the dominant and badass woman as always.

  8. If lois lane suddenly got powers, it would ruin her original dynamic with Superman regardless of if it waa good or not.

  9. I heard people says she treats Jeanne like a sister. But I haven't played the game. What's your opinion?

  10. I always thought they had a best-friend type deal, but I could lso see a sisterly relationship.

  11. Is it just me, or is Weiss outfit here better than her V8 outfit?

  12. Who is this? He looks like what I'd imagine a young Leo Lionheart would look like

  13. He's the villain of the new video game.

  14. I typed "craziest edelgard anti" into the google search engine and this was the first result lol

  15. Cant wait for people to tell me how bad this is.

  16. It sucks and reads like anti-Edelgard , anti-Claude and pro-Rhea in his own route.

  17. Dang it, its supposed to read as anti Rhea too.

  18. Honestly, almost everything that happens in this game is ridiculously dark and gets glossed over.

  19. That new roller better not be able to one-shot with it’s flicks btw.

  20. What if it one shots with rolling and is almost inkbrush level speed

  21. It's kinda funny that the best type, competitively, was the one that won the splatfest.

  22. Most of the time Elves just feel like Humans with different ears, a longer lifespan, and assholes who see other races as inferior lol. Humans and Elves always have beef

  23. Proof that Caspar is serverely underpowerd

  24. It's hard for me to compare, because I defended and attacked on different maps. Defending on Hammerhead was insanely easy - I don't think I ever lost, or even came close to losing. With a Splatling it was so easy just to watch both sides and mow the attacking players down. But Sturgeon seems like it would be harder - there are so many more angles players can come from, and so much less visibility. So I suspect attacking is easier here. But I haven't tried defending, so I don't know for sure.

  25. I was on attacking for the first two splatfests and both times it kind of felt like the defending team could win as long as they were... paying attention.

  26. Do you pick a team to focus on based on the weapons they sport at the start, or just wherever you spawn? Like if one of the attack pair has a Reef, is that your target, or do you avoid painting that side knowing it's a high turf weapon that could reclaim it quickly?

  27. .... ngl, I've been picking targets at random lol

  28. I really don't like how their eye colors blend in with the rest of their color palette instead of popping out.

  29. The minute season 4 had one of the main villains repeat the issues everyone had with the elves online, word for word, was when i knew we are not gettting nuance.

  30. The pro-elf bias comes up in the newest season as well

  31. "Okay gus, we need to have a human be culturally insensitive so we can make the elves look like the super nice ones, what should we do?"

  32. Ehh, it's definitely not the most important thing but it is kind of weird how Bayo goes from fighting Angels to whatever the green dudes are.

  33. I wonder if the writers have an agenda against Nino. It reminds me of what happened to Chloe in season 3. This is why I stopped watching the show.

  34. According to the show bible that got leaked, it's more likely they think Nino is supposed to be comic relief and just don't take him seriously at all.

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