1. You’re 27 and really willing to continue a relationship with an 18 year old kid?

  2. No shit. 18 and 27 is a huge age gap. 27 and 36? Fine. But your brain doesn’t even finish developing until 25..

  3. Yeah I think they look awful and don’t fit her body type. I’m sorry but I think natural small breasts look much better than large fake ones…

  4. Shane murdered Armand and he was just flying the same plane Armand’s body was on.

  5. No, I don’t see her getting a movie deal (Netflix He’s all that). I see her continuing to monetize on social media especially expanding to YouTube. Would love to see a reality show with her family.

  6. Why do people find a blonde sorority girl with huge fake boobs that looks like every other hot blonde sorority girl with huge fake boobs and a rich family so interesting

  7. I’d be incredibly surprised if this was real and not some elaborate trailer for some movie or something.

  8. At 138 I’m a size 6. Wtf is wrong with this asshole?

  9. All these videos over the past few days since Jason’s engagement. Can’t wait to see what we get when he gets married and they have their first child. Because they were saying on the podcast they’re not going to wait long 🤣👏🤣

  10. Austin Harrouff, who in 2016, attacked and ate the faces of a florida couple in their garage. No drugs were found in his system.

  11. I felt legitimately terrible for Austin when hearing about his story. His parents really let him down. I think his dad was even a doctor if I recall correctly??

  12. Not everyone needs to weigh their food and not enjoy it. In fact, this can lead to disordered eating for a lot of people.

  13. I mean.. it’s close enough. If came back and found my windows broken especially now that it’s winter I’d be pissed enough to make a Reddit post

  14. Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Nobody will care, trust me. I can't recall a single time I noticed what someone was wearing in my 15+ years of going to the gym.

  15. Somebody came up to me while I was on the treadmill with headphones in and stopped me to ask me why I workout with a purse

  16. that person sounds nosy, and socially inept tbh. Someone with headphones in at the gym is a big, bright red "do not disturb" sign and they missed it. I would have said something intentionally antagonistic... and that's why I don't have friends LOL

  17. Got it. So honestly the only way to get rid of those love handles is to continue to expend more calories than you intake

  18. He’s only been on this for 6 months. I feel like these are amazing results for 6 months. I’m sure they’ll come off if he keeps doing what he’s doing

  19. These are amazing results! I’m sure you feel so much better. Think of how awesome this summer will be :) I don’t have any advice for losing love handles as I’ve just started my fitness journey but you look great.

  20. always funny when someone gives hunters shit and they just go well how much have you given to conserve wildlife? cuz i can tell you exactly how much i have

  21. As a paramedic I agree. I think EMTs and cnas should get paid a living wage but not as much as nurses and paramedics and such.

  22. Thank you! I train 6 x per week including 50 mins of low intensity cardio . My diet is strict and primarily chicken or white fish with green veggies . I will add portion of a clean carb to 2/4 of my meals. No alcohol and just water. Pretty boring but it gives results . Diet is 80%

  23. How many hours a day do you train while you’re training? Can you give a run down of what you do?

  24. 45-60 mins of weights muscle group varies. Legs 4x week upper body 3-4x per week 20 mins stair stepper 30 mins of fast walk with incline

  25. I love this response as a beginner who has been doing 30 minutes of fast walk on the treadmill with incline and 30 minutes of stair stepper

  26. I always think “if you want to work in a hospital, be a nurse.” Why? Because the medics in the ER do a lot of what the RNs do but are paid $10/hr less. Of course a paramedic deserves to be paid less than a BSN RN, but not $10 an hour less

  27. I work in an ED as a Paramedic, I have virtually my full scope of practice and I am treated nearly identical to the RNs. I either float or work triage. So I’m either up front triaging people and starting lines or I’m floating paired in a team with a nurse or two and going to all major activations. It’s a great job, and I am paid double my hourly road wage and then some due to staffing incentives. I place IVs, IOs, EJs, OG/NG tubes, Foleys. I remove stitches and staples, get to assist with central lines and art lines. I get to administer whole blood and other blood products. I help RT with vents, and if no doc is around I can intubate in a pinch.

  28. How much are you paid in comparison to RNs? Medics at the hospital I used to work at had a similar role however we were paid $10hr less than RNs.

  29. I’ll happily touch intact skin without gloves. You can learn a lot by touching people. An ungloved hand can be comforting to the patient, too.

  30. Student who was excited about 'hopefully getting to see some major trauma today' a few minutes after we first met. Very quickly told to go and unfuck that attitude before the first call...

  31. What? You didn’t want a high acuity call when you were a student? I think we all did, we just didn’t say it. Also I don’t like the whole hoping for a bad trauma call or a full arrest because that means someone is dead or in bad shape.

  32. If you're not emotionally mature enough to buy condoms for yourself, you're not emotionally mature enough to be having sex.

  33. He should’ve bought the condoms. Or pulled out like she asked. She’s 21. Her 33 year old boyfriend should know better

  34. Right but she also takes birth control every day which messes with your hormones and is hard to remember sometimes (see this post) the responsible thing would be to use a condom or abstain from sex sure, But he’s also having sex and can buy condoms considering she is the one usually responsible for their birth control

  35. What is with the hate for people who do not leave their small town? Not everyone wants to bounce around everywhere, never setting roots in any single place.

  36. Yeah it’s really not bad to stay in your home town forever. Especially if home town is a bigger city. I hate the idea that everyone has to travel everywhere and live in a million different places. That’s expensive and not a reality for most of us.

  37. George’s has A LOT of health code violations So if that doesn’t bother you go right ahead

  38. Compared to many American cities, traffic in Cleveland is nearly nonexistent. The Maps estimate is likely correct for most days, barring weather issues or crashes.

  39. This is so true. I know Chicago is WAY bigger, but what would’ve been a 15 minute drive in cle was an hour drive in Chicago because of traffic. And Chicago has a really amazing public transport system so less people are driving and it’s still that bad..

  40. I hate this trope because more attractive people ARE MORE ACCEPTED and others are more drawn to them.

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