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  1. At least Kennedy learned his lesson after signing off on the bay of pigs in the first place.

  2. A better more recent meme would be pro illegal immigration politicians when illegal immigrants get dropped off in their cities.

  3. If you’re genuinely asking, the answer is a no unless that person has DID and even then they would probably just use I, there’s typically no need to use us/we when talking about one person

  4. Oh thanks mate. Btw, just because someone refers to themselves as us/we doesn’t mean they have a disorder. We just might like the way it sounds.

  5. Good answer to one of the major reasons the US spends so much on healthcare yet doesn’t have better outcomes. We have such an unhealthy population to begin with just to get back to even takes a ton of healthcare.

  6. The US healthcare system is designed to make money.

  7. Yes I will, had a friend whose parents did not circumcise him. No one ever made fun of him, but he felt different and ashamed growing up. At 16 he had the surgery and it is significantly more painful and memorable getting it done as an adult. Plus it’s a cultural preference of women where I live.

  8. I think everyone is still struggling to make sense of your previous comment. If you weren’t talking about antifa, who were you talking about?

  9. they were talking about groups like 3 percenters, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, ya know the FUCKING AMERICAN NAZI PARTY, Aryan Brotherhood, the KKK , Nationalist Front, National Socialist Movement. Do I need to go on?

  10. Oh never heard of most of them. I think the kkk predates BLM though by several decades.

  11. Those are called weirs and as per previous mentions, their job is to dissipate energy from flowing water.

  12. Damn I thought only the US was racist and hated foreigners. Turns out canada is also because they deport non citizens.

  13. She certainly missed the point. She should have asked some men from work if they could whistle at him and ask for his number because he has such nice legs. Probably wouldn't be as happy then. The whole thing behind cat calling is literally that it is often scary af

  14. Nah most straight guys will be almost as excited to get a compliment from a gay guy as a woman.

  15. Why did he waste time banning new gas vehicles when his policies are going to lead to $10+ a gallon, effectively making gas vehicles unaffordable. First house, now cars, I wonder what California will make insanely expensive next.

  16. For the rich. Look at the chart…again. Left side represents the poor, right side represents the rich and between lies everyone in between. That right side dipping as years progress represents rich people paying less taxes by percentage over time.

  17. Yea but the people on the right start off paying significantly more than the left and middle. But as time goes on it becomes for even and fair. Hopefully now that the right side is more even with everyone else we can work to lower everyone together.

  18. Well at least we are making progress. Little bit here and little bit there, just need progress

  19. Still crazy people Can’t figure out how to put on a condom. The answer really is so very simple.

  20. Bs, Southern California would literally have to have one located on the highway that can walk up to your car and perform an abortion to be less than 1.5 hours. Which, might actually be a thing in California…

  21. Wow, sounds amazing! That's the best music I've heard from her.

  22. I was thinking the same, crazy how she has this ability and then produces such trash.

  23. Yeah what a loser, not catering to my personal taste she’s SO trash

  24. Hey, don’t call her trash, I’m sure she is a fine person and she seems to be great at the flute. Just because she doesn’t play your music doesn’t mean you need to be mean.

  25. Makes sense these days. Goths are very anti main steam in the way they dress. Liberal/left leaning is extremely mainstream between Hollywood/music industry/corporations, so goth should also be anti left, or why we would consider right leaning.

  26. Yes, far-right news is nothing but sensationalized fear mongering. It started with Fox News to be profitable, and now they've ruined the entire market for all sides because it has become all about competing for views to get ad money

  27. Oh far right news, yea they sound bad. I only listen to right leaning news. Damn Fox News and their wanting to make money, ruined it for all the good left leaning news who were just in it for the greater good haha.

  28. The only people changing the definition of leftists are right-wing news orgs that report sensationalized fear mongering garbage.

  29. Lol, sensationalized fear lingering garbage… from the right? You do realize what post we are commenting on right haha. Believe what you want, until the Italians or Americans actually do something that makes them a fascist I will not call them one just Because if “sensationalized fearmongering garbage” news tells me to.

  30. I really want to see a movie where they cast hitler with a black actor. Don’t even have to make the movie honestly, all the fun would be announcing it and seeing the reactions.

  31. Students shouldn’t be able to take out loans when they are 18. Clearly they are not intelligent enough to make decisions that involve this much money. Have them work for a few years then at 21 apply for college, if they still think $120k for an undergraduate degree is a smart move, let them suffer.

  32. Crazy, where I live in the US we are putting up tens of thousands of acres of solar farms, grass in yards was banned, there is a Tesla on every street corner, our neighbors are banning gas vehicles and gas stoves all together… and we are still very low. I’m beginning to think this index doesn’t make any sense or is giving weight to things that really don’t matter.

  33. Not species, private company, fuck them.

  34. Their beliefs, for example they are considered to the right of the conservative parties in Italy, those being the “league” and the “forward Italy” parties, these are conceited the traditional right . While the “Italian brotherhood” is more anti eu than the other right wing parties and has stronger ties to the old party of Mussolini. Theyre are many other principals that make them that way but they are just generally more right wing than the traditionally right wing parties, therefore “far rigth”

  35. Mind-boggling to me how many people I've talked to from the opposite end of the political spectrum actually wholeheartedly agree with me on specific issues pertaining to income inequality, the middle class, and democracy. Yet when I point out the policies they endorse which directly counter those ideals they start babbling nonsense.

  36. I wish it was easier to talk to people about actual issues. It seems the only people that will really talk are friends and family and we All agree on 90% of things so it’s a little boring.

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