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  1. My favorite movie, Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 6

  2. My oh my it appears there is, with a loyal membership of 2 pepole

  3. Did you read this somewhere or you recognise it by yourself ?! because what you said is scientifically 100% correct

  4. Can't speak for OP but i learned the same exact thing from a seminar of sorts of Andrew Feldmar, who is a student of R. D. Laing

  5. Apustaya Snufkin is aomething i did not think i'd see in my life

  6. Yeah my favourite HS teacher was an extremely playful but crazy witty and smart biology teacher. Was so wierd in the first year, it was literaly like i was teaching myself: any joke that i would think of but did not say cause school he said, recommended obscure books i read a few months ago... Literaly like talking to my 30 years older self.

  7. Think about how you won't think then. That's it, you won't be, you are only scared now because you... Are. Later, you won't. That pretty much did it for me.

  8. No. 1 is definetly Pyke. He is everything i love about as fantasy world: an honest working man, no ambition beyond survival and treating those he cares about (his crew, even though he says he never had friends) fair amd well. Working man, yes, whose job was GUTTING SHIT 50x HIS SIZE ALIVE. BUTCHERING SHARKS UNDERWATER. WHILE THEY MOVE. If you don't think that's the sickest shit ever something is wrong with you.

  9. I'd talk to my son but last time he started blinking my address in morse code to a pangolin outside my window i was in goblin mode

  10. "Tricked into this existence... False slave entrapped by endless life! I shall become a beast feeding on their destruction, and making them lament my unholy birth! We march to battle... Let me carve flesh, let me cloak myself in the slaughter! Hide me in their carnage... Hide me from this suffering..."

  11. Advanced theoretical physics, charcoal sketches (very ADHD friendly unlike painting), organising a national debate club in rural eastern europe, modifyig my orthetic leg support so i can walk without crutches cause it turns out i'm disabled for life

  12. Hecarim is invincible to non-Sentinel weaponry, so by default he wins. If Pyke kept his sentinel weapons it would be even if Heca had his army, and slightly Pyke-sided w/o, since Pyke can dis -and reappear at will, making assassinations like (sorry) shooting fish in a barrel. Pyke could be demolished by a single hit too so relatively even.

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