Why is everyone so focused on changing the police system? There's much more fun things to do than kill civilians and shoot cops. I'd rather see more story expansions and more missions.

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  1. Why did my children stopped talking to me once they became an adult...

  2. And what if they overhaul it exactly to be able to use the police system in more missions, gig, story, etc ?

  3. If you're on wireless Internet it shouldn't matter, but if you're on cable and it's a large mod, download it during off-peak hours, such as early morning. Since today is Friday, try to do it as early as possible to avoid the weekend dip in download speeds.

  4. Thank you, yeah I wasn't clear in my question! I was asking when in game! Thanks for the answer I'll start a new one once I'm at 100%

  5. I've got 200hours on it, probably the most immersive game I've played. Take your time when you're on a mission and visiting buildings and stuff.

  6. Everytime this topic comes up I think of Altered Carbon where a "person" is whats stored on a sort of biomechanical disc thing and gets inserted into any old body that they now call "sleeves"

  7. Yes, altered carbon is a really good example of that! CP doesn't work quite the same tho, but I'm hopeful that it's possible! It's is in my headcanon at least!

  8. Tbh, best answer for that question is Arasaka ending. It is possibile to create V relic, but for now it will be nearly immpossible to get right body for V, body that would be able to "link" with V relic. Right DNA and shit.

  9. buy a shit smelling spray form internet and spray everywhere in the bathroom before leaving

  10. Sounds like sequestration and assault, you should involve the police

  11. It would only work with the store decoration, cause trough the year they added more decorations (statues you could buy etc) so some people would have way more decorations than others

  12. I understand that she would be disappointed, but giving an ultimatum on something so trivial, after 7months of relationship? That's a redflag for me and petty thing to do. Especially since you could be back during the afternoon.

  13. I went from canada to Switzerland at the bale airport and took the train from there to geneva. Alone and i was 13.

  14. If you can, use your regular resources for capital gold conversions, as they give a better return (50% more) than using BB resources.

  15. True, but as opposed to the second village, my 6main builders are busy

  16. My first thought or Theory, they changed it to make it harder to read racist and offensive things being drawn/written with the grass but darian confirmed it’s a bug

  17. Hi future me, hope you are having less problems in life than now

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