1. I say this is b.s and the pill really depend on your body how it reacts to it, it’s different for everyone but you don’t have to think negative of it b/c it Can do the quite opposite and be good for your body, you may have negative times but that’s not the pill , it’s normal and it’s your body.

  2. They could have just completely moved on or want too and that’s the way they had to start but you know what you just have to accept it and do the same, you got this :)

  3. I’ve had almost the exact same situation and yes it can be scary but what I figure is you guys still young and honestly you can attempt asking to talk to her mom about it as an option but also the other one truly I would let her go because it’s also could be a waste of energy for her, not every relationship will work for yk whatever reasons and that is fine you know hopefully you will meet up with her again or taking a break could help. But communicate.

  4. Consider the high probability that he moved on while he was with you. Or, he just wasn't that into you, and it wasn't that hard for him to find someone else.

  5. keep yourself distracted, ignore those thoughts, listen music draw something, just keep that mind indulged ij something

  6. Sounds goods I’ll do some things like that, thanks and yes NO contact

  7. If you can buy a blender it works wonders. I had the same appetite problem and drinking the calories (oats, berries, peanut butter, milk, etc) in a shake helped. Also eat a lot during breakfast and drink lots of water as it slowly expands your stomach.

  8. Hello. You can try Low Volume High Calorie meals, so you can eat small meals that are calorie dense. Focusing on eating things high in calories can help you gain weight, instead of focusing on eating more

  9. I had the exact situation of being shy and closed but the only way I came out was talking to other people and confidence really, if you work on your confidence it will really help you, this probably doesn’t help as much but you will do great, it’s normal to be as nervous but just believe you will be fine and you got this

  10. Honestly don’t waste your time and go straight towards asking the girl, if I were you. It can go both ways good or bad but that the only way you can find out after talking that long is asking what I personally think

  11. You know what I think you’ll do absolutely great. I say whatever happens.happens. And giving it shot alone was a big step so you keep telling yourself you’ll be great and fine, if you get nervous that is totally fine, it’s normal just think about not only how far you’ve come but you have nothing to fear about

  12. i say if it’s toxic why save it. Because not only does it hurt you more but if you want the relationship it shouldn’t have to put you through this. It’s toxic Don’t fix it. leave it. and it will be tough to accept but you will eventually have peace that way

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