1. Terpineoline - digging zsweet insanity from ar.

  2. second the zsweet inzanity!! it had 20mg of terpinolene. was amazing. 🍊🪵🌿 more terpinolene strains schromulan by willies reserve, grapehead by woodward, orange 43 by klutch and jack herer by GTI.

  3. the rainbow cookies by certified gave me that exact feeling youre describing. also the tiger mintz by columbia care and sherbhead by klutch.

  4. Welcome. It sounds like it’s mysterious a little. I’d love to find out the terpenes if someone knows.

  5. I think this is correct because I have seen TK SKUNK in other grow ohio lineages.

  6. you’re doing the lords work. terpinolene is also my favorite terp! already have my faves listed.

  7. i am a budtender and i have a patients who get migraines when there is caryphallene in their stain. i also have had patients break out in hives from pinene. if you have an allergy, i would see if any terpenes align with them.

  8. 🍊43 motivates me like nothing else. if you want to get shit done, that is the one.

  9. damn i knew it was buckeye, was gonna say super sour orange.

  10. https://ohiomedicalmarijuanaregistry.com/logins/sign_in

  11. rainbow chip for creativity, problem child for couch lock

  12. you’ll probably get an email closer to the end of the month. the card usually expires on the last day of the month.

  13. No my card has been expired since the 1st.. I had my renewal appointment last Monday and was expecting an email from the state in the next few days. But it’s been 5 days now

  14. ope. you should be able to log in here and pay to renew your card.

  15. Throw Firelands on that list too, only reason Idl buying from these 3 companies, and test results are impossible to find for them online, it should all be readily available

  16. firelands has menu online with their their terps at least, but i still feel it’s important to know the exact terpene content.

  17. pro tip: take a tums before any gummy, sometimes stomach acid will eat up gummy before thc hits.

  18. semi unrelated, but i also had the same problem with smoking all day and not really feeling HIGH. I’ve been an everyday smoker for 7years now. it’s honestly disappointing chasing that feeling especially with the way i cough lol. so i stopped smoking at work for my 8 hour shifts and that honestly has helped my tolerance a lot. it sucks suffering through the pain during the day but it’s so nice to come home and take one rip off of flower and feel that glorious high. but i also live for the luster. you can’t bet the convenience and they last longer than a cart.

  19. I love this strain. The smell is incredible. I always always call this great value Grape Head (Woodward).

  20. I figured out I was bisexual on rainbow chip 10/10

  21. you should look into Rick Simpson Oil also known as RSO. it’s a concentrate but you can eat and it’s mega potent.

  22. if you have to go, i recommend going this morning before it starts snowing, but again please check before you go.

  23. i have not! i usually stick to firelands and standard concentrates ✨ but i am thinking about picking up the lemon stripe next.

  24. i like to make a little kief sandwich…bud, kief, bud. if kief is on top, it never stops burning.

  25. I already got two cliqs, fire Hawaiian and granddaddy purple. Just trying to find somewhere that has the pods😭

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