1. Power 3: I don’t get brutal poison ivy every time I try to be sneaky and hunt around it.

  2. Is that just water? I’ve noticed that earlier large cents ring up around 94 for me and the later ones are more like 98-99. Also swinging a D2

  3. The only reason why I didn't get an Deus II is because of the need to charge the coil seperately. I'm probably in the minority, but after having seen in-built batteries on cellphones, and battery replacement programs costing customers all sorts of undue headaches, delay and money, I am very much a believer in having a fallback of machines that I can still run on double-A's. Get a good double-A rechargeable system, I use the Duracells on my AT Pro and ATX, best thing I ever did. Even the CTX has a second pack that allows you to load double-A's if you're caught with a dead battery pack. I have been wrong, but seeing what's been going on with the automotive industry, semi-conductor/chip shortages, and older resales being under greater demand, I'm feeling pretty happy about owning some older equipment that doesn't require me to send it in to have the battery replaced.

  4. I hear you. It’s an odd concept but it’s really no different than charging the Nox. The D2 comes with a single charging plug that splits off into the three plugs (head unit, coil, headphones) so you can easily charge all three at the same time. Once you get used to it it’s really nice actually. I would highly recommend it if you’re thinking about upgrading.

  5. I was really close to getting one, but got hung up on the chargeable coil. It was offered to me at a very attractive price as well. It takes a lot for me to bang on the drum of negativity, because this hobby has been very good to me. With the exception of the Equinox, all these machines have done me amazingly well. It's easy to talk myself out of a new machine, but as the Spring nears, I know I'll be itching, and it will be either the Legend or D2 I'll be adding to the arsenal, no more Minelab for me.

  6. That's in just incredible shape... congrats!

  7. Thank you. It must’ve been dropped fresh from the mint!

  8. Excellent find and great ID as always. You sure know how to do your research.

  9. Maybe the studded piece is some sort of horse tack. Sweet spoon and congratulations on your first tombac.

  10. Thank you, and yes, it's a piece of studded bridle, like this:

  11. If you had said that in your initial post I totally missed it 😂. A bit of Sunday morning brain fog. Glad to see you’re finally in button territory.

  12. Am I the only one who’s been running mine with a nude screen?? 😳

  13. He walked up saying I was going to jail for 1-3 years and getting a hefty fine for the 3 inch by diameter and 6 inch deep hole I dug. Said if I took anything that was larceny, another charge for disrupting soil/sand, extra charges for each hole dug and fines on those as well. He took my ID and knife and had me wait for about 20 minutes. He was chill after the fact

  14. I’d chalk it up as a cheap lesson learned. Don’t go there again 😂

  15. If you get annoyed from the “digging and stuff” maybe this isn’t the hobby for you. What do you like about it?

  16. Do you think this might have been a garbage heap at one point?

  17. I sort of doubt it based on the lack of trash I found in the area.

  18. Interesting. I wonder where all the buttons come from. Seems like those wouldn't end up in a trash heap anyway. Hopefully they just fell off someone's clothes.

  19. If found many buttons in the surrounding area over that’s at few months. I believe it was farmland in the 17-1800s.

  20. I’m taking notes on your photo taking skills. You’ve got some of the best presentations on here. Nice finds too.

  21. Set up ground rules before you begin. Unless there’s no way around it you keep everything you find and agree to show them what you’ve found if they’d like.

  22. This is where I want to be careful especially if said enthusiast stumbles across something suspicious. What are good ground rules?

  23. You keep what is found unless it’s some sort of relic that is specific to the property. If you can’t come to these terms then either don’t hunt or agree to what the landowner wants.

  24. Interesting for a prize that goes to some rando. I didn't have a pin pointer for years until I finally got a new detector with it built in. So I still don't have one like that and I can do just fine with what I got

  25. Join the pin pointer clan and I promise you’ll never go back.

  26. I don't see the point of something I won't use for my style of detecting. I mean, yeah, I will try one out when I explore new areas like fields and stuff. But at the moment it's just unnecessary, since I get it on the first scoop it would be more of a burden. There is very few cases I find it necessary.

  27. Totally get what you’re saying. It’s like I always say, “Whatever stomps your waffle.”

  28. I can’t speak personally as I haven’t owned either but going from the Vanquish to the Deus 2 is night and day. It’s a similar quality to the Nox and Manticore. Much more stability and the ability to tweak it in different environments. Definitely more powerful as well.

  29. Is it as easy / user friendly? When you say stable do you mean more precise or stronger tones? More accurate depth gauge? Easier to find stuff?

  30. Yes and no. Going from a Vanquish to the D2 was overwhelming at first but with some practice and manual study time it’s second nature to me now. And yes as far as stable I mean that it is able to pick up good signals and filter out bad ones more effectively than the Vanquish. The biggest plus of these machines compared to the Vanquish is that they are fully waterproof. The Vanquish is only waterproof at the coil. If you accidentally drop the whole thing while wading in the water you will probably be SOL. That was my main motivation for upgrading.

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