1. It wasn't me driving my car that night, it was my horse!!

  2. Love it. Almost exactly like my go to artists and albums

  3. Just hold all your drugs/liquor in your hands as they wand your empty pockets.

  4. I walked into Alpharetta once with so many minis sticking out of my pockets, my socks, boots, stuck in my belt and drinking one that the guy started laughing saying "you're not even trying to hide it are you?" I laughed and said not at all and he just waved me in.

  5. That’s Atlantis. It used to be a country until Disney bought it and sank it into the sea.

  6. Should have just built one yourself of same specs and saved some $$$

  7. Not sure how, but those steaks LOOK cold...

  8. Caught fish already? If it ain't broke, don't fix it

  9. Moving is what gets you killed in this game. At the same time don't be a simple camper. Slow steady movements with stops to observe and shoot. Crossing an open field gets you killed, but sometimes it doesn't (those are the fun runs)

  10. Maybe he's been kicked in the head too many times attempting to suck toes

  11. She's a keeper! one of them rare breeds!

  12. Lol yea kindof a crumby situation. You could try like the other guy said and cut a stick to kinda plug the hole temporarily.

  13. Yeah, what sucks is the cap I lost was already a replacement. Took me almost two weeks to find a compatible then, luckily I still have the info and the company that I got it from has a few more in stock, so I ordered 2, lol

  14. Lol that’s the way to do it. Now that you ordered 2 you’ll never loose another again

  15. Lol, I thought the same thing with the first replacement

  16. I'd live in that van down by the river...

  17. Curious how someone hunting with a bow would clean/butcher and call that a backstrap and cook it that damn raw

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