1. I don’t understand why everyone’s trade package is sending away Bev?

  2. Besides spurs hornets pacers nets, is there is any other options out there for us ?

  3. Bulls if they decide to blow it up

  4. U should get 75 pass accuracy which unlocks LeBron’s passing style, best one in the game

  5. Pure offensive? 6’1. If you want to be good at everything 6’9

  6. Yes it’s worth it, and it’s also worth it to get 95 steal

  7. 93 block, gold anchor is way better than silver

  8. That’s my exact build but with 86 pass accuracy and 80 driving layup & 86 driving dunk

  9. You can’t play neither with this build 😭 your pass accuracy/rebound is too low to be a PG/C

  10. I need a sg who beast on d , can dunk if needed , shoot good , and enough ball handle to where I won’t get ripped

  11. I got a 6’8 sg with 86 driving dunk, 85 3 ball, 89 ball handle, 92 perimeter defense and 95 steal. Want me to send it to you?

  12. Too tall for what? Most comp proam teams use a either 6’3 sg or 6’8 sg, it gets hof quick first step and 80+ acceleration. You can’t even tell difference unless you’re 6’1. Your build has 60 pass accuracy and 75 ball handle with silver quick first step and unpluckable 🤦‍♂️

  13. It’s a good PF build but you missing some important badges by few points

  14. 86 perimeter defense & 85 steal. Steal is more important

  15. Yessir my lockdown with 40 defensive badges will go crazy 😈

  16. Get 86 driving dunk and gold limitless takeoff

  17. I don’t see the point of going with a 96 driving dunk. You either go with 93 or 99. If you want to get hof limitless takeoff then might as well get hof posterizer and slithery too

  18. Lol, they got no big men and yall were still struggling. They had a shot creator at C, this should have been a blowout

  19. 80 swb, 80 speed and max out acceleration

  20. I knew I wasn’t trippin 🤣

  21. It’s definitely blinders coming from someone with a 90wp, 2klabs also recommended blinders over deadeye

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