1. We went to the first COSI after dark event a few years ago and had the same thoughts. I gave them a pass since it was the first one but it sounds like nothing has changed.

  2. I stopped going a few years ago because they were so crowded. I went to a mystery one forever ago where you had to talk to character actors to get clues and there were so many people we couldn’t find the characters, and when we could, they were swarmed with people.

  3. My understanding is that it’s not just that they are there (not great) but that their marketing was misleading.

  4. LOL. Classic case of “let’s share this article/information having only read the headline”!! This isn’t even the take NYT is giving. If this person actually listened to the podcast they’d know the Times reporter seemed pretty critical of this approach, citing studies that obesity is largely genetic! Way to make yourself look super dumb. 😂

  5. Right! Reporting on something doesn’t mean you agree with it lol

  6. Are you able to reach the no-show patients at all and ask them the reason for cancellations or no shows? Could transportation be an issue? (Not sure if it’s permitted or even feasible to subsidize or cover the cost of transportation.) Do you have anyone in the community building connections with your patients? I know those things require time and investment, may not make sense for your practice.

  7. I'll give them this and only this. As a chubby 7th grader, I got teased for only eating a salad for lunch, though I was trying and eventually ended up losing weight. Admittedly infuriating. They'd insult me, tell me to eat salad, and even when I ate salad for lunch and ran track 3 times a week, they only left me alone if I ate nothing. Anecdote aside, obesity is clearly a problem though there are unhealthy thin people. Should you harass every fat person eating fruit or salad? Obviously not, but it's no excuse to spread misinformation like "obesity shouldn't be treated as a problem".

  8. You could not pay me to re-live 7th grade. Some kids are so absolutely brutal.

  9. I don't know if I've seen this specific chart before but I've seen ones sympathetic to FAs that don't understand that if you use the same colour in a cycle people don't know what piece represents what.

  10. It took my eyes a second to realize they just repeated the pattern, not even changing the slice sizes, over and again.

  11. I’ve only had one kid- it can be hard to orgasm the first couple months after the baby is born- you are tired and stressed and you have been through a major life changing event.

  12. This can’t be overstated. Sleep deprivation and stress is no joke. You can feel like your entire life is upended

  13. Trying to WFH but failing miserably. Teaching myself how to knit. Drinking too much coffee before I break out the wine soon. Pretty much my plan for the entire weekend.

  14. I am crocheting a toilet roll cover that looks like a Minion. A friend announced she found a Minion shower curtain and is redecorating her main bathroom….

  15. I was not expecting to hear about a minion bathroom today!

  16. Buy a yearly pass to Franklin Park Conservatory then chill out in the tropical zone. Warm and humid.

  17. If you’re in Franklin county I believe you can go free on the first Sunday of the month (I’d check their website to confirm but it’s something like that)

  18. People use CW/TW (aka “content warning” and “trigger warning”) to prepare the reader about the content in the post.

  19. I agree that it’s overused, but I don’t mind when it’s for pregnancy loss/grief. Sometimes I’m just not in a mindset to read about something like that (given my own experiences). I wouldn’t expect to need a warning for regular pregnancy posts though.

  20. One of my friends used “CW” when she announced her pregnancy. It was just a regular pregnancy announcement.

  21. No I agree, I wouldn’t expect a regular post to have a warning. You can’t not celebrate typical life events because it might hurt someone’s feelings - that I totally agree with.

  22. The worst part of it all is my MIL also has diabetes and sees how it affects her husband, but she still feeds her 3 year old granddaughter sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Her day consists of chocolate milk, cooldrink, chocolate, and often some fast food. That’s what she feeds her every single day of the week. She nearly had a breakdown when I told her I’m only allowing sugar in small amounts for my son from the age of two so that he can be accustomed to healthy foods and not be at risk for diabetes and obesity later in life. Apparently a grandma’s need to spoil is more important than a child’s health

  23. I feel like you can spoil small children with even the smallest thing and they’re so happy. It doesn’t take fast food or candy every day to give them something special. Like my six year old thinks that strawberries with a little whipped cream is like the most decadent treat. I mean he enjoys candy and we try not to make it a “thing”, but he’s perfectly happy with less. I feel like young kids are at the best age for reinforcing those habits.

  24. That’s my eight year old niece’s favorite treat too! Not gonna lie, she definitely loves candy as much as the next kid, but strawberries with a little whipped cream is her genuine favorite lol

  25. That’s my son! Lol I think he might think it’s fancy or grown up or something

  26. When I was a new mom, I was out with my son at a restaurant, and had to nurse him, so I found a nearby bench outside and put on my cover, etc etc. It was a pretty warm day. A lady came up to me and gave me a huge cup of ice water and told me that she had been there and I know it sounds dumb but it was just the nicest thing.

  27. Am I the only one who is cold no matter what? Lol when I had a BMI of 35 I still bundled up in the winter…

  28. Lean mass produces heat. From my understanding fat just slows down heat loss. I hope I'm not misremembering that, but I believe its why you get fat people who freeze easily still and lean people who do fine.

  29. Hmm. I probably have average lean mass but I don’t do a lot of strength training so that’s probably another reason I should!

  30. Agreed. What’s that saying they teach kids? Ask yourself ‘Is it true, helpful, necessary, kind?’ - something like that.

  31. Tends to happen when you count suburbs in your city line, use metro area for a more accurate ranking

  32. San Francisco and Columbus have similar populations, (not including metro) but SF is WAY more densely packed. It’s a smaller geographical area.

  33. Lol I specifically bought my son headphones so I didn’t have to listen to it!

  34. Im in a mixed weight, mixed height, mixed race, mixed nationality, mixed job, mixed city, mixed hobby and mixed sex relationship. Beat that lol.

  35. It's not as if the BMI is a 100% accurate measurement. But it is a good indicator to pay attention to your body. Of course there are exceptions such as bodybuilders. Although a mirror will tell you all you need to know. I am 5'8" and the heaviest I have ever been was 240lb. I was fat that's all there was to it. I hated the site of myself. I was lucky because I gain weight all over, not just in one spot. I was disgusted by the excess of adipose tissue. My bmi was over 36, my doctor told me I had early indicators of diabetes. Also at this time my legs started to swell after standing for to long. Much of this was brought on by severe depression, eating garbage food all the time, just not caring about myself. I am now 198 and working on getting down to 175. I feel a lot better, and no longer have the swelling issues or a problem with diabetes. I refuse to let myself get to that point again.

  36. I think that’s where they get hung up - they’re taking it as a hard and fast rule when it’s more like something that works for ‘most people, most of the time.’ Instead of acknowledging that it’s largely a screening tool used as just one tool in a bigger toolbox, they act like it’s the end all, be all. None of my doctors have ever exclusively used my BMI to treat me for anything, even weight-related discussions.

  37. Well now you’re just showing your ableism. People who are allergic to trees can’t run in forests so it’s unfair that YOU get to do that.

  38. Exactly I am allergic to ash trees and therefore, anyone who runs near one HATES me!

  39. I first met a gay couple at about this age. I asked my mum why my friend had two daddies, she told me that was just a thing that happened and I ran off to do whatever the fuck 6 year olds do. Children do not care

  40. This is exactly how my son reacted. He asked and we told him and he was like okay great where’s my snack? Kids might notice things or comment on them but they’re not necessarily placing any value on it in any one way or the other.

  41. It’s not a “big” procedure. A good OB or midwife will give you a strong Tylenol or Motrin. One of mine hurt. Midwife put in my first (uncomfortable, but easy). A resident put my second in (fucking ouch, dude needed more practice and I was that practice).

  42. I’ve only ever had one inserted by a midwife and they were very understanding and the worst part (for me personally) was the cramping later. I do think I am fortunate because that’s not what a lot of people experience.

  43. Lol my thyroid stopped working without my consent so…

  44. When I think about my childbirth experience and how painful it was, I also think about how I probably would have died if not for modern medicine. My water broke but I didn’t go into active labor. At all. Had to be induced and even then it was forever. I developed an infection because of how long my water was broken. So, no, not everyone’s body is perfectly built for pushing a baby out. Sometimes your body literally doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

  45. Sometimes I feel like I get passive aggressively shamed for exercising, comments like “oh, I’d love to have the time to exercise.”

  46. Lol my favorite response to the “I’d love to have the time” type of comment (exercise or whatever other thing it might be) is just “you must be really busy! I’m sorry to hear you don’t have the time.” People either let it drop completely or seem to genuinely think about it.

  47. Refined pizzabread. Buy wholegrain and u good.

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