1. I dunno, I looked at their profile and they have BPD. For one, the girlfriend may not have demanded this, it could have been something offered that the girlfriend agreed to. My partner has BPD and the bad times are really bad and it’s common for him to try to overcompensate after an episode. But the way he will present it to other people is “I’m having a bit of a tough time lately but I’m ok” because the shame associated with the episodes is so huge.

  2. Born to a BPD parent. Being on the receiving end of BPD is uniquely painful and destructive. BPD is a personality disorder, not a mental illness. The wording of the post already raising flags to me and I hope OP is doing hella work on managing their BPD.

  3. I don’t think that’s necessarily fair to say it’s a personality disorder and not a mental illness. It’s a highly stigmatized disorder, and the term personality disorder I think while it’s the medically accurate term is very damaging. It’s still a severe mental health disorder, and is difficult to treat. That isn’t to invalidate your experience, just that I think people are quick to believe that BPD is almost like an untreatable attitude problem.

  4. BPD definitely has high levels of comorbidities with other mental illnesses. I’m sure it’s very difficult to treat, and respect to those who acknowledge their disorder and are working on it in earnest. It is highly stigmatized, and I think that’s due to the casualties BPD leaves in its wake. BPD doesn’t exist in a vacuum, by it’s nature it’s a relational disorder so I think that’s why it’s stigmatized so much. You can have depression, OCD, anxiety etc which is mainly-not exclusively but mainly- felt by the sufferer. BPD will almost always be felt by the sufferer and those close to them. I do think things are changing for people living with BPD in that there’s more support and research for it and I hope people are getting the help they need with it. But being born and raised by someone with untreated/unacknowledged BPD can destabilize a child for life.

  5. Was on Line 2 in the front car, opposite the operator. While pulling into a station, the radio in the booth came and the voice on the line was hysterical. It was a driver calling in a priority one. She must have just hit them. I’ll never forget her voice and I hope she’s doing ok. This was right before the pandemic.

  6. I once fell asleep and no one woke me up at the end of the stop and I woke up back where I started 2 hours later.

  7. I agree that there is no need for politics in their menu.

  8. Reddit admins are pulling the strings so they can fund their funko pop collections

  9. Something like a mental hospital but instead some sort of wellness retreat program where you just do yoga all the time, group therapy sessions, eat healthy meals, book clubs about mental health/self improvement books, hydrotherapy with cold plunges, and increase overall wellness. I’ve had the privilege to go to a weekend retreat a few years ago sort of like this one time (I was working for them and got to participate) and it really brought a lot of value to me. However a weekend was way too short so if I had all the money in the world I would go on a much longer retreat for at least a few weeks and go all the time.

  10. Wow! I’ve seen (and favourited) your art on Etsy before! Don’t stop selling them because I want to start a collection 👀 This one is fantastic, I drove by it the other night and thought I should take a picture of it, but this is much much better!!

  11. Without a doubt Helge. His body language when Ulrich approaches on the stairs breaks my heart. I can’t even watch the scene where he gets attacked. He never got a chance at normalcy or love, he was used his whole life in a way that he hated but didn’t have the capacity to stop, and at the end of his tragic life, he had nothing left but the need to right the wrongs he was groomed to carry out. The scene when he hugs Noah is fucking heartbreaking.

  12. Mikkel/Michael’s story is so sad. When he said, “It’s my mother’s birthday,” and then we see Katharina treat him as some random annoying kid at school later on, it broke my heart. Just growing up being so confused and tired. And then Ines medicating him probably made him feel more crazy and just ready to give in.

  13. Coming here for the answers lol. I had a breakup last year but it had been sexless/loveless for a long time before that. I don’t go out to bars because a) Covid and b) I quit drinking. But I’d love to just have someone safe to chill with. I put my masking habits and expectations in my dating profile but I’ve paused the profile temporarily as I’m living with elderly family members until the spring. I’m thinking outdoor/patio dates then. If I can find anyone in the city I moved to lol.

  14. This place has huge energy!! Love how bold and happy it is, and also how you’ve managed to pull off making Stirling seem sunny! 😎

  15. I live in a low-rise near Locke. I pay under 900 for a good sized one bedroom with parking, because I've been here 10 years. I get an increase every year I've been here, so it shows you what rentals SHOULD be like. The guy next to me pays 1600 plus 80 for parking, for the exact same size/layout 1 bedroom. Every once in a while I get anxiety thinking about the day the landlord tries to get rid of me. Out of 12 units, I think 4 of us have been here at least 8 years, so 4 units at well below the market. The landlord does absolutely nothing for the building, No sweeping/washing the hallways. Doesn't fix the broken doors to the exterior. No clearing snow from the small parking area. But here I am. Enjoying my rent. If/when I have to go from 900 to 1700.... damn, not sure what I'll do. Sell my 17 year old Toyota and buy a mini-van..

  16. I know you know this, but don’t ever move! I let go my miraculously affordable 1 bedroom in Toronto to move back to Hamilton last year to care for family and I’ll never stop regretting it. I couldn’t even find a basement hovel in Hamilton for what I was paying there for a beautiful place I’d lived in since 2014. It’s good you’re in an (I assume) purpose-built rental. Fight like hell for it if they ever put the heat on you.

  17. Yes you are right I would in some ways regret it. My Mother lives in Brantford. She's 73. I sometimes think of moving there to be in the same town to help her. But even I'm that crappy town, rents are the same. It's brutal.

  18. It’s true, I looked at Brantford too- it’s grim everywhere!

  19. Oh my god this is so so accurate. I’m saving your comment and keeping it to read when I need it. I’m determined to never have a toxic relationship again, this comment is more helpful than anything else I’ve read thus far. I might even print it out and put it in my journal. Thank you.

  20. I tried baking soda and vinegar, and let it sit for 10 minutes and nothing. Should I leave it on for longer?

  21. Baking soda + vinegar unfortunately they just neutralize each other, weak acid vs weak base.

  22. Get a little bit of gel oven cleaner and dab it on the gunk with a paper towel, place a damp paper towel over it for about 30 minutes and then wipe it off. Be sure to test the oven cleaner on an inconspicuous area of your stove enamel paint first before applying it to a large area.

  23. This! That stuff has sodium hydroxide in it and while it’s not pleasant stuff, it does what it does extremely well. It breaks down fatty acids/proteins even if they’re in a burnt state. Do a spot test first in case it damages the finish.

  24. 9 or 10, I don't untie them these days, so I can slip the shoes on and off

  25. I had to tie them the bunny ears way until I was about 10.

  26. Actually his father was Canadian and left Canada because he found the country to be in “moral decay” and chose SA as his new home. Apartheid being the moral high ground and all.

  27. I think his mother was the Canadian, but his father had some distant Canadian roots too.

  28. Aaah the Dolly room! I remember this post. It looks amazing OP! So balanced and calm/clean

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