1. Would be nice if management would buy some shares to bring some confidence instead of freeloading shares

  2. Monetary compensation? No, best we can do is free fruits on Wednesday and pizza parties every other Monday.

  3. Markets go up, markets go down. Nothing unusual here. Wait for a bounce, sell covered calls. Repeat.

  4. Zack will never bury Metaverse. He shifts focus on AI so he can use it to fill his Metaverse with NPCs.

  5. Motley fool one year ago - clover stock is trash, more downside. This reddit: f Motley fool. Motley fool now: clover is a buy. This reddit: f Motley fool. You can't make this shit up.

  6. I got scammed once but it don't matter. With the inheritance money from my distant Nigerian uncle I will be set for life.

  7. The earnings reports are for periods that already ended and would be unaffected by the future events such as ban.

  8. It's unbelievable people fall for these scams. Op how many Nigerian princes are you supporting right now?

  9. I can only see "possible" catalysts are the likes of Congress passing to further improve Medicare, anything health equity, etc.

  10. We can reach 1.50$ but we can also get rug pulled back to 0.90$. Markets are acting suspicious this month.

  11. "You will never be able to buy $clov at this price" said literally everyone everyday in 2022 and here we fucking are...

  12. See if its made of copper, gold or bitcoinium and you will know if its real.

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