1. You’re avin a laugh if you think in summer he’s really worth 100 mil.

  2. It’s not weird, anyone who says so is probably a kid with undeveloped perspective regarding consent. By their logic, highschool sweethearts can only exist if they’re the same age and birthday because if one reaches the age 18 first, they are instantly dating an underaged person.

  3. Yeah it’s ok to continue to date. But please no piap piap yet until she’s legal, and even then you don’t have to feel pressured to do it. Two year age gap is nothing.

  4. This is great because we have brought the average age of the squad down considerably. The team is full of young players that can be moulded and trained to form a good working ethos. It ties in with the new ownership's aim of recruiting the best young talents and have them grow together over the years.

  5. Hope we see improvement next season and get back on track to being contenders the season after next.

  6. People were slandering Potter, claiming that RDZ came to Brighton and did a better job than Potter. That Brighton pulled a quick one over us. Not only does this graph say otherwise, the fact is, Potter walked so that RDZ could run.

  7. I grew up poor so even if I make $60 an hour, $600 is a lot.

  8. Always great advice to live below your means. It depends on what you spend it on. $600 on a smartphone that will last you a few years? You can absolutely afford it on $60 an hour wage. $600 on fine dining every week? Nope.

  9. The tears on twitter from people going "what about Chelsea" is a beautiful sight. Never thought we could rattle so many opposition fans

  10. Living rent free in their heads 😭

  11. It’s ok I doubt the doc believes you’re not sexually active anyway. Sex is involved in so many UTI cases. Anyway treatment is the same. No big deal.

  12. Ok then I misinterpreted. Your UTI wasn’t caused by sex. Women still do get UTI all the time even without sex. If this is just a simple case of UTI (ie no STD) then your response probably has no effect on the outcome. Still gonna get treated with antibiotics. Get some Ural sachets too.

  13. What a name, but that looks delicious

  14. Girth is still size, so it does matter

  15. Football Manager has a tier right below ‘Club Legend’ called ‘Club Icon’ and I think it’s perfect for Juan here

  16. Yeah. He’s not quite legend status, but I was as excited to see him play for us as I was watching Hazard.

  17. Sama sama or Aerotel. Tune is dodgy. Deceptive business practices.

  18. The only time people should get mad about children misbehaving in public is when the parents fail to take adequate responsibility. It’s never a child’s fault.

  19. Are pibbles the preferred dog of landlords? I thought we hate them.

  20. No, they are the best breed for rent-collecting. Bonus points for docked ears and tails.

  21. Didn’t win the World Cup or win young player of the tournament either

  22. Matsutake, chanterelle, woods ear, mistake, oyster, hedgehog, lions Maine

  23. Those Medical practitioners are dumb as hell. With the previous ban, people resort to making their own makeshift bamboo fireworks. With regulation and providing licensing to sellers, you control the quality of fireworks and you can basically locate where sub par fireworks are from.

  24. They should stick to their day jobs and leave policy making to someone else.

  25. Makes all the content from youtubers this week about getting rid of Kane instead of KDB for Fernández pretty funny to look back on

  26. Well, they were very intimidating, pushing him against the wall and insulting him, making fun of him saying he was some "immature hippy" who needed to grow up and joking with each other about his fate

  27. Power tripping government sanctioned thugs. I get that your friend broke the law and deserves the outcome but everything else is unnecessary and unprofessional.

  28. If she’s threatening to leave you for someone to give her another child then it’s probably wise not to have another at this point. That there speaks of relationship problems beyond the “let’s have another kid” argument. Get that sorted first.

  29. Yeah that line bugged me a lot. What a shitty thing to say.

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