Musk says Twitter will suspend Kanye West's account

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  1. It's these kind of games that allows Joe Woods to point at stats as a justification to keep hos job.

  2. Yeah I agree. I'm not sure if Kev will give him a ton of volume his first game back with playoffs still in reach. Less chance of a big play to DPJ. I'll start him next week.

  3. Next you'll tell me it wans't funny when I said I had Iraq in my shoe.

  4. If Trump wasn't remorseful about covid, kids in cages, alleged rapings with Epstein, or cheating on all his wives.....he wasn't remorseful about anything related to J6 or after.

  5. I kind of wonder if Kanye...(i can't fucking call him Ye) isn't running specifically to siphon possible votes from Trumps competitors.

  6. If anything Trump and Kanye would split the Nazi vote. So, no.

  7. Thinking about how my Homebrew world is set up with their cultures, if I did something like this the languages for the different groups would be:

  8. Don't match species with a language. Match a language with a language.

  9. Then there is one fucking guy who know those languages and ruin it all.

  10. All.my players took latin a long time ago. It was fun watching them pick out words and try to piece together what was happening.

  11. Now he can be sued for arbitrary action which harms Kanye's career.

  12. I got a prescription for Ozempic recently. And I've lost 30 lbs. I'm limited to 2200 calories a day, and I rarely hit that.

  13. But not any other form of debt, right?

  14. No no, see when I declare bankrupcy it's totally different. Just like when MY girlfriend needs an abortion.

  15. What kind of damage could 2 meters do? Imo if you're not sitting on beach front property then it won't impact you. And if you have beach front property then you have almost 80 years to ditch it.

  16. Do you imagine that the ONLY effect would be the loss of beaches?

  17. Well I care-the refugees will potentially be on my doorstep!

  18. Where do you suggest we build a wall (and their associated ladder stores)?

  19. It's all about respecting cultural differences until you encounter cultural differences, eh?

  20. No reason other than a complete lack of infrastructure or accomodations, unreliable power grid, resistance to foreign tourists, etc.

  21. Definetly wipe down the equipment before and after you use it.

  22. God, Fox News made it a point of pride to be an imaginary victim.

  23. Because we are NOT living in a totalitarian country? And I don't think taxpayers would like to pay 500B or something

  24. The government owning everything ofcourse has nothing to do with politics.... Reddit man

  25. You need to learn the meaning of words and how to read them. It will help you understand complex world systems.

  26. It's just the BEST feeling EVER when a member of your party remembers an ability they had just after your 3rd failed death save.

  27. "Chill bro it was just a prank I didn't think you'd actually do it."

  28. You mean "Elmer Stewart Rhodes" of the small penis brigade?

  29. Wiki says "A person who is found guilty of attempted mutiny, mutiny, sedition, or failure to suppress or report a mutiny or sedition shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct."

  30. So he was there “illegally” but you believe all of those that were rioting weren’t? 🤷‍♂️

  31. I didn't change anything. You said state lines don't matter. I said they do.

  32. First, he should figure out why God keeps punishing red states with all the tornados and hurricanes.

  33. They're not extinct. They are critically endangered with very small groves in very few locations.

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