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  1. The Ruthless Lady's Guide to Wizardry by C.M. Waggoner sounds like just what you're looking for!

  2. I don't have a BOTW-specific book (that sounds amazing) but I do have a rec for a fun Zelda parody: How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps by Andrew Rowe. What if the Hero doesn't come? Enter Yui, who is determined to fill that gap. This is a very fun tongue-in-cheek book with nods to the Zelda tropes.

  3. What a fun surprise! I loved hearing your thoughts and look forward to more. 😊

  4. Don’t get me wrong, it’s on my TBR list, and seems good (my mom loves them, and she usually hates SFF lol), I just don’t really like it when people consider characters who are robots as “asexual”, because it feels like that implies we’re inhuman, though that’s just my perspective.

  5. Murderbot has "organic brain tissue" and considers itself a construct. (It uses it/its pronouns which I'm not super fond of as a nonbinary person because I personally find them dehumanizing in relation to myself, but Murderbot prior to the beginning of the series was considered equipment and has internalized a lot of this.)

  6. Kelly Barnhill has some YA/MG books but I believe When Women Were Dragons is her adult debut and it was fantastic! Similarly, Sangu Mandanna has some YA books but The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches is her adult debut.

  7. I hate that I can't just "go all out". I used to be in decent athletic shape. I stopped being able to run somewhere in the last 10 years. I don't know when exactly my joints turned against me. I walked up and down the stairs a few times today and my legs are buzzing and knees feel like they're balloons. Does the bike seem to help with pain in your legs? Does it need to be the recumbent style?

  8. I haven't tried an upright exercise bike because I assumed, due to the angle, that it would put too much pressure on my ankles. The recumbent bike helps with functionality more so than pain, I think. I use a wheelchair when I leave the house for long periods and over the summer I started having an issue where my legs would give out on me unpredictability when not in the chair. The bike was only part of my regimen to rebuild muscle mass (I also have various physio exercises) but it seems to have worked. My legs still ache. Sometimes they throb or get stabbing pains or feel like jelly if I've done too much. But the definition of "too much" has changed. Last Friday, I gave a toddler piggy back rides around the house for twenty minutes before I absolutely had to sit down. Last summer, I stepped out of my wheelchair at the zoo to lift her up to see over the rail and my legs gave out. So there's definite improvement.

  9. Biking seems like a great way to build some muscle without a ton of pressure on the joints. I have a nice upright bike that I didn't really get to use last year mostly due to fatigue I thought. I think I'll try to make that part of a routine and push myself a bit. I think trying out the recumbent bike isn't a bad idea either. I also have weakness in my ankles.

  10. My advice to you with the bike is to start with a very very low number and build up! It sounds silly but I started with 2 minutes at a time so I didn't overtax my legs and over time added 30 seconds or a bit more resistance. I'm up to 6-8 minutes at the moment, depending on how my legs feel that day, though I hope to make it up to 10 minutes by summer.

  11. For me, it depends on what time of year and what I do. For instance, winter is basically a giant flare with one or two good days in the mix; on a good year when I pace myself, summer is close to the opposite. BUT I help out with child care for my three year old niece once a week, so even in summer I wind up putting myself into a flare that abates just before I take the toddler again. Sometimes, the pain is worth it though. She's such a delight and is growing too fast.

  12. I had no success with a chiropractor (though I also didn't with acupuncture, so YMMV). What has worked for me is physiotherapy and massage therapy. Neither eliminates the pain but it brings it down to a level wherein I can function.

  13. Does your library have access to Hoopla? It's a completely different catalogue and many libraries have both.

  14. In a surprise twist, I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself ended up being my favorite fiction read of the month. It has less than 200 reviews on Goodreads (as of today). There’s BDSM and the subject of kinks, but the book isn’t that. It’s so much more, about injustice, and how to cope with a country that discriminates against and actively hates you. I ended up reaching out to the author over this one and now we follow one another on social media.

  15. I am very pleased to see that the two books in your line up that made me check the comments are the two that were your favourites of the month! Those are staying on my TBR for sure. 😉

  16. I'm a huge supporter of DNF'ing books. There are too many other great books out there that you might love!

  17. This week was some more Murderbot (I only have the novel left to re-read now, and yes it's up next). I also read:

  18. I went to a couple surgical specialists (my pain was initially in my wrists and spread from there), a doctor who specialized in sports injuries, another that specialized in nerves (I hate that electrical test and I've had it done twice), a rheumatologist and finally a pain specialist. After many many tests, the rheumatologist didn't diagnose me but she did say that she "wouldn't discount fibromyalgia". The pain specialist read her notes, examined me, and then went "yeah fibro, basically." I think this whole process took about 3 years, which is actually relatively quick considering how long some people have been searching for a diagnosis!

  19. This is so beautiful! The illustration itself, the colours, it all just comes together so wonderfully!

  20. I understand that imposter syndrome. My pain first started in my wrists and nobody in the medical profession seemed to consider it a disability. Then here's me, unable to do most things because of the terrible pain. When scrambling eggs and brushing my teeth was too difficult, it's a disability even if no one else believed it as such. That being said, I (and medical professionals) didn't start considering myself disabled until I started using a wheelchair to circumvent the pain of walking. At that point, my pain actually started to be taken seriously and I was diagnosed less than two years later.

  21. Hey hi. I'm sorry to point this out to you, but you put both 90s and 30 years in the same comment.

  22. Michelle West is also Michelle Sagara, under which name she writes the fantastic Chronicles of Elantra!

  23. Question, since I’m not very familiar with Urban Fantasy, which is where Elantra is usually categorized… Is Michelle a bigger name in that subgenre? I feel like I actually tend to see the Elantra books more frequently in bookstores (such as they are these days) than Essalieyan, but I have no idea if that matches up to reality.

  24. The Chronicles of Elantra is kind of in between genres and therefore I don't see her promoted often (though I think she's on book 17 or 18 so her books must be more lucrative than her other pen name, whose books were cancelled). Elantra is set in a city, but it's a secondary world so it's not your traditional urban fantasy.

  25. I like to embroider! I've started a series of my favourite book quotes on some old plain t-shirts. It's good to do something productive with my hands while listening.

  26. Kevin R. Free (specifically with Murderbot) and Moira Quirk (specifically with the Locked Tomb series) are both top notch!

  27. Emily Woo Zeller is up there, loved her narration in the Bone Witch series.

  28. This is absolutely beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss but the imperfections (in the backing) I feel only add to the piece and make it more real. It is perfect and raw and resilient, just like you. ❤️

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