1. Republicans wreck the long term economy with short term gains (and Obama) then Dems have to try and deal with the downturn which puts R’s back in power and the bread and circus cycles continue.

  2. All true, but let us not forget that Democrats magically neglect the vast majority of voters by focusing on variety of cultural issues instead of the kitchen table issues, resulting in a vast alienation of voters. So why do they keep doing that? Why do they keep helping put Republicans in office?

  3. This document shows how there are many different interests influencing the price of milk. The president doesn’t wave a wand.

  4. I refuse to learn anything at all about this movement - ignoring it til it goes away

  5. I wanna see it take off. Anti-imperialist MAGA would be a force to be reckoned with. ML’s are supposed to think like scientists. We shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting.

  6. Fascism is bound to experiment the shit out of everything. Hold on to your britches, gents!

  7. No, that's worse. We need a fiscally responsible government that increases taxes on the wealthy (or simply rolls back the trump tax "cuts"), and a fed that works for the people (looks like the current fed chairman wants to crash the economy to, I don't know, give trump a 2nd term?

  8. JPow is there because Biden left him in that position. He didn't have to leave him in the post, but he did it anyways. I assume because Biden Administration is very much on board with the kind of policies enacted by the Fed. Ignoring their effects on the 90% of the workforce, well, that's on the Democrats.

  9. Price controls are a bad idea. They cause supply shortages.

  10. And we're doing absolutely nothing. This is why when Republicans whine about immigration, it means something to voters. Most people understand that allowing corporations to dictate what type of skilled and unskilled labor is imported has an impact on the domestic value of the workforce, but it ends always as a shitty conversation about whether illegal immigrants need to be deported or kept as second class citizens performing shitty jobs.

  11. Every time the left wants something, they say the rich can pay for it…sorry, they can’t fund all of your buy the votes projects.

  12. Every time corporate profits reach a plateau they start to dip into the old taxpayers funds. I don't see them refusing subsidies, tax reliefs, or government contracts.

  13. Hands down the most beautifully written comment with references included!

  14. Bernie is stating that the party needs to reach out to the working class. A lot of those are Republican voters, some new others old, but it doesn't change the fact that winning requires reaching out to them.

  15. It's right up there with weird documentaries and films about Nazi's supertechnology, megashit and uberstrength.

  16. That was literally the plan. When will we understand that the entire point of Trump's presidency and team was to destabilize America?

  17. The issue isn't Trump, but decades of chewing through the system to create a more favorable environment for private and religious institutions. The party pursuing this is Republican, but the party watching this go on and doing nothing is Democratic.

  18. Why aren’t democrats even trying to address this

  19. Why have they (and by they, I mean congress as a whole) been trading stocks, not cracking down on corporate corruption, and allowing churches to exert political influence??? I am guessing that all of those things and more have been massively politically inconvenient.

  20. Sounds like you are happy about. Defeating those that don’t want to be in a union. Those that want to be judged by their work ethic instead of supported by a union that keeps the worst workers employed at the same rate as the best workers. Sad day for you to be so happy about it. Doubt it ends as you think it will.

  21. Yeah, hoping that an economic message will lead to a groundswell of popular support for the Democrats. What he's been doing for awhile now.

  22. Republicans have a fairly concise message on the economy - you were better off before Biden - and whether that's true or not is beside the point. The point is that this is a very effective message. Not everyone is as concerned about issues such as abortion as they are about the rising costs of living. We all gotta eat.

  23. That is precisely what he's doing here. Calling for two more senators so some beneficial bills can be passed, or did you not watch the video in question?

  24. Won't stop him from running. Voting, yes, but running for office, not so much.

  25. They don't want to talk about it because he leaned in favor of communism, and probably would have pursued a more radical stance if he wasn't located in America.

  26. He was a socialist. It doesn't work with the neoliberal ethos that has been coopted by both parties, nor does it work with Black neoliberals, so they tend to ignore it.

  27. People ignore MLKs political and economic position to this very day. I guess many would prefer for him to be about peace, love and understanding instead of economic justice and social democracy.

  28. And not a single mention about the number of workers per CEO!

  29. I'm just surprised Albertson's still exists.

  30. You and a few others commented the same way but that just shows that the presence of these businesses highly varies from state to state, location to location. Not everyone has a PigglyWiggly but some do!

  31. Risky. It means he'll use it as a bully pulpit for a self-aggrandizing opportunity.

  32. Saying the way to end the war is to give Russia what it wants, is what makes it Russian propoganda.

  33. How do you see this ending exactly? I don't see Russia packing its shit up and saying "whoops, sorry!".

  34. Many of these people getting angry at this article are the same ones who say shit like "I wish a meteor could just take us out already". You're coming at it from the perspective of someone who doesn't want humanity to die from nuclear weapons. These people don't care lol. Once you accept that, their positions make a lot more sense. Putin is insane, if he feels Russia could lose its power, he won't hesitate to use nuclear weapons. In the west we have the concept of mutually assured destruction, they don't have that in Russia. Their belief is if shit hits the fan, be the first to fire nukes. My only hope is the people around him would try to stop him. In a sense, these people who have no concern for nuclear destruction and putin have a similar outlook on the sanctity of humanity.

  35. It's not as if Ukraine doesn't accept volunteers. Not sure what's stopping most who are cheering for more war from joining.

  36. Operative word "could". Just like we "could" transition to green energy and nationalize power production to eliminate profit motives and expedite the conversion to sustainable energy sources, and so much more we "could" be doing.

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