A Russian game developer exposed everyone's passwords on Steam and then banned people that mentioned it

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  1. Thanks for this insight. To be honest, I never had a career focus or interest, rather I just went for whatever job payed the most and I could talk my way into. After having my finances in order the last few years, I decided that now could be the time to finally pursue an interest, so I cast a wide net as I've never had the opportunity before.

  2. What exactly is your role at this company? You mentioned tech is not for you, but I’m guessing your not a software engineer since I don’t how you could get that job if it wasn’t your career focus and there is no way you just talked your way into into a dev job at a big tech company. If you are a software engineer then that is clearly what you should keep doing if all you care about is the pay check.

  3. I saw my driver deliver to like 3 other places after picking up my order, going way in the opposite direction. When it finally arrived my food was completely cold. When I complained I only got $8 back on a $25 order. I'm never using the app again.

  4. Yeah, in all seriousness I have little desire to shift fields unless it is for something I'm truly passionate about like photography. 90k is plenty to live comfortably as a single person.

  5. How many YOE do you have? You should be able to easily make a lot more than $90k.

  6. Capturing Spirits - Jonathan Kreisberg, specifically the first song (The Lift).

  7. The Eastman Romeo and Romeo LA tick a lot of boxes

  8. Thanks! Yes, it seems to be a good guitar but unfortunately that body shape is "gonna be a no for me dog..."

  9. Neil Stephenson, Anathem. Such a hard read but then the end was.....just.....damn. A small forest's worth of setup for those last few pages.

  10. I’ve pretty much just accepted that with N.S. it’s more about the journey rather than the destination. I also was disappointed with the ending of Seveneves but still like the book overall.

  11. I always mix these up, but I remember struggling a bit with with the one that has the dogs, but recall both fondly.

  12. I think Snowcrash, then Cryptonomicon, but Anathem is pretty amazing

  13. What scale should I play on this? (Wrong answers only)

  14. Do you know the actual programming level details of how passwords are securely stored? Because I do, and I’ve implemented it several times.

  15. Please explain it to me then. Maybe you can also explain to me how SSL works and how connections are established, how certificate trust chains work, how Oauth works and the different flows (client-credentials, authorization code, password grant), how to decode and verify a JWT token, what grants and audiences are, what the OpenID specification is, how SSO and IdP integration works.

  16. JHS pedal that includes all JHS pedals. If it includes itself, then it creates an infinite amount of matter turning the whole universe into a giant black hole.

  17. Only one chase bliss? I respect your constraint. Also I promise you spending 100+ on a Klone for that “edge of breakup” tone could also be achieved by turning your gain knob past 5. And with not one but 2 octave pedals I can’t imagine how much synthy weirdness your band mates have to put up with at jams.

  18. I actually only use the OC-3 to split out an octave below on the lower strings and mix it in outside the rest of the chain, and pretty much only use the POG for the attack on my dry signal.

  19. 80% is pretty doable if you have high income and don’t live extravagantly

  20. Make a lot of money (like probably $250k+), and don’t have a huge mortgage.

  21. Ideally I can access everything from anywhere and have full access to all environments, but usually that’s not the case. I’ve had it vary from my ideal (super small company), to full on lockout unless you are on VPN, no access anything in prod or even UAT without going through painfully bureaucratic processes of release management (large mega corp), to general freedom and common sense except no direct access to prod (medium sized startup). My philosophy is you can try to provide feedback on what things you don’t think make sense or could be improved, but if they resist then just let it be the companies problem that it takes longer to get things done.

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