Tap water in Jackson, Mississippi

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  1. "shit cunt" nice to see an Aussie m8 on the subreddit

  2. Do you find Inuits unattractive? They are far from the equator

  3. is it because you dont care, or because you’re an idiot that can’t beat me in an intellectual argument? I think we both know the answer 😂

  4. Lol you simp, I'm not wasting my time arguing on the internet with such a fucking loser.

  5. Lol I just don't care enough. Tldr. I will take the time to say that, you're irrelevant and he is now irrelevant. But why would I waste my time arguing on the internet with a sycophant...

  6. What's the context? What has he said recently about patreon?

  7. To be completely honest on this one, it's a sports thing. Football fans are exactly the same.

  8. So you're saying racism and religious descrimination are just like sports...

  9. Big fan of your positioning and angles, Keep it up!

  10. Sweden is a very atheistic country. There are issues not being addressed that comes with an influx of conservative religious values.

  11. They're right behind the mountain, just move it and you'll be there

  12. Sometimes, there's nothing else to be said to a fucking moron.

  13. "they have a different opinion to me! They must be a moron, only my world view is correct"

  14. In and of themselves yes, they are valid. However, if this dude wanted to have a convo this nuanced, the question would’ve been phrased in a more nuanced way.

  15. Or in his mind, it's the obvious next questions and doesn't feel the need to specify

  16. It certainly can be. But when the answer to the “who” question is as obvious as it is given the context, I’m not given the impression that it’s a good faith question.

  17. Whether or not in good faith, a reasonable question is best to answer in good faith.

  18. Finally other people are aware of this. I was going to post this exact question. It's been happening since Season 2.

  19. "Hey hey don't think about flaws, look we have new content in season 3"

  20. Oh this is that rape culture I've heard so much about

  21. It's just the issue of race switching of characters, hypocritical to be against race switching for only certain races.

  22. I fucking hope everyone on a left subreddit wants to abolish the fucking monarchy.

  23. A constitutional or ceremonial monarchy can exist within many left structures.

  24. I love when monarchists simultaneously argue that the monarch has no power but also they can fight against authoritarianism, it’s one or the other guys. Those concepts are mutually exclusive lol.

  25. I've literally never seen that argument made together let alone by the same person.

  26. Yea that's fair! I would imagine every support main hates Genji. except maybe the Brig mains.

  27. Like Jackson, after a while it'll get lighter in colour

  28. If they are promoting eating habits that would cause life threatening implications then absolutely.

  29. okay thats fair, if its the "healthy at any size"

  30. It's right to conclude that she is disincentivised to get better because of the status and money that her illness gives her. Who is Eugenia Cooney without anorexia? Not even she knows. This is clearly some kind of psychological self-preservation - She has the resources to access help but somewhere along the line is choosing not to.

  31. do you also think should we ban morbidly obese creators?

  32. I'm going to stop saying stupid, because there's stupid people in this world, and I don't want to offend them.

  33. I don't keep up on drama can someone give me the cliff notes?

  34. The American left and right both want lower fuel prices.

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