Turns out my grinder has a false bottom. What is the best way to smoke this stuff?

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  1. you can get a pen case that carries a pen and a pad of paper and carry that to you with meetings and places you go.

  2. You're right about the carts. I feel like people new to the program might be turned off of certified from the constant bad reviews of their carts. Even though I've known not to fuck with their carts for a long time now. Like, if you don't want distillate, don't buy distillate 😅

  3. I must have gotten lucky because the last cart I got from certified was great. It’s the only one I’ve ever had from them and it was good.

  4. Best way of cleaning the mesh without damaging it?

  5. That looks like the bottom of a Santa Cruz shredder.

  6. From my understanding, and I looked it up, it will appear in your prescription history with the state you reside in and buy your medical marijuana in. So this is usually medical providers, law enforcement (during an active investigation, and pharmacies.

  7. Nothing like a little Honey Cut to make your breaths a little harder.

  8. With me being dead set in the center with my dd124 themed roller tray

  9. Not only do I smoke, but I have a great work ethic. When I had a job I was always a top performer. Now in college, I have a 3.75 GPA. There are definitely stoner veterans who work their asses off. There are also stoners who work their ass off. Not all stoners are lazy.

  10. It's not weird. I've gone to the dispensary 3 times in one week once. Once to pick up vapes, once to pick up flower, and once to pick up edibles. It was a waste of gas and I should of done it all at once, but the dispensary was low on each of the items so I kept an eye on their inventory.

  11. There are 50 democrats (technically 48 with 2 independents) and 50 republicans in the Senate. So yes, it is evenly divided 50/50.

  12. I thought to pass a bill in the Senate you need a majority vote. So 60 votes. Am I wrong?

  13. Growohio and Klutch is what I buy. They all have clogged up. I’m gonna take peoples advice. I don’t really run into issues with 510 vapes. Maybe once in awhile. Those leak more than anything else.

  14. It means you have to see a doctor in person for a recommendation. No more telemedicine visits.

  15. I’m pretty sure no dispos sell delta8. Idk where i heard that

  16. Dispos in Ohio we’re selling D8 for awhile because our processors were using it in products like vapes, waxes, and edibles. Once they actually had to put that they were using D8 on the packaging they stopped using it though.

  17. Lol Penn Station making it on Reddit. Good job Cincinnati.

  18. I should really take a break. I’m writing college papers and I’m having trouble putting words on paper sometimes. Like I need a thesaurus on hand to choose words. Sometimes I have trouble remembering words that I just thought of. Maybe it’s time I took a break.

  19. Finished this study. Good luck. I hope all goes well.

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