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  1. Because initially, it copied the gameplay elements of BotW and it was so obvious especially the running and gliding. I would also like to add the graphics, it looks similar to BotW. I believe that's why.

  2. Do all main quest first then create another halberd user and use your skill points to get dive impact level 10 and use it to level through mobs to get to maybe level 170 to 180 then continue your main quest. Well at least that's what I do. Follow guides on youtube for better leveling options.

  3. Oh sorry. I just really like the added exp modifier for leveling up so you will have an easier time leveling through mobs or ,if you can, bosses. So if you make another character then leveling is easier and save your MQ for higher levels.

  4. The crazier thing is that after 7 years, nobody has dethroned SDV despite multiple attempts. All the recent Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons games are mid or worse, and the same could be said for Rune Factory 5 and Harvestella. Stardew didn't create the formula, they just refined it, and yet somehow the people who did create the formula can't find it in them to learn from those refinements and create something better than they have been. Not sure if this is incompetence on their part or if ConcernedApe was really that much of a genius in hindsight.

  5. I don't know about you but the Harvest Moon for the PSX is still fun even for today's standards.

  6. No problem. By the way you can use coryn club advanced item search for these situations.

  7. What I do for new accounts is MQ first. You should use a guide on youtube for new accounts on what to do the first time.

  8. etc, I hoard event stuff and try to build my chars but keep failing at that for some reason, probably because I don't have a dps

  9. If you mean Customize the look of the armor then you need to go to the synthesist for that.

  10. You can set the automatic discard settings. You can find it under the select auto potion screen.

  11. If a mercenary isn't available then I recommend learning the boss' attack pattern. Attack patterns of early bosses are easier to remember.

  12. I need to improve my combos, this could have been faster.

  13. Bro your MP combo was hella good, with prayer and impact, i liked it.

  14. Thanks but my exorcise combo sucks, it's too slow.

  15. I didn't include the avatar set but it has all in all 3% Matk and, including the equipment, 49% M. pierce.

  16. If you rely on the magic part only then sub md with awaken element would be much better than sub shield in terms of damage, since the magic part of Nemesis gains extra hit range and dual element with sub md. Sub shield, on the other hand, gives extra multiplier for the physical part only, while letting you keep the link twice longer... which isn't really that useful if you're already able to gain full stacks even with the usual 100 sec duration of said link.

  17. Yeah. I'm working on changing my armor to Maiden with less mpierce but with better attack speed and matk for faster nemesis stack and I tested the staff MD combination and I was shocked it worked because of the staff md warning and concluded the penalty only works on magic skill tree but not on priest so I'll be using that. I gotta be more agile and dodgy though without the shield to protect me. Thanks for the suggestion.

  18. I’m always so surprised that people don’t do it to begin with. I guess my Harvest Moon beginnings gave me a head start lol.

  19. Lol yeah. Pretty much all people who played harvest moon know most of the mechanics in stardew.

  20. Maybe don't post family issues on social media? The poster literally wanted the world to take their side.

  21. Human and world progression. I want to see the advancement of human kind and the world when I get old.

  22. This is just a case of ignorance. Not everybody has the same experience with a dog growing up.

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