1. I had this same thing happen this week. Dating a man for 3 months thinking he was 48 turns out he was 54, we broke up for good

  2. Thank you he actually was enraged at me and broke it off but did me a huge favor. I have blocked him everywhere it’s just getting over the hurt and betrayal now

  3. I agree. It doesn't. But sex is great since Virgos are emotional. 🤣🤣 But other that, as a Gem.. he's way too slow for me about life and everything

  4. We had really good sex and were really compatible

  5. You can be casual with someone without lying about your age. He’s a liar and the fact that he got overly defensive when you called him out on it is another red flag. I’d say dump him and report him to the dating site he uses for lying about his age.

  6. Of course. And the getting mad at u stuff is a different story. But it’s one of those lied he told because he is insecure about his age. Like if at the beginning of dating people lie about things like weight and such all the time. Because people have insecurities.

  7. If he would have told me when we met in person or before we became an exclusive couple I would have been fine and understanding

  8. He brought up two big fights we had about a month ago, saying I refuse to take any responsibility for my part in our miscommunication and problems

  9. He’s always been into fitness but it’s not like he’s been crazy ripped before..he stopped going to the gym for awhile like myself because of our schedule with the kiddos.

  10. I wish I looked like this and I haven’t had any kids; your husband is an unworthy toxic jerk

  11. Just did a 3 week trip around the Scottish Highlands by myself and felt totally safe.

  12. A gross skeleton shoving her plastic ball tits into the mouths of defenseless babies

  13. Do you really, truly believe this is the best you can do? If so, then you need to be alone. I assure you, that is better. Be single and work on yourself until you realize it's better to be alone than with a man possessing the traits you have shared.

  14. Jesus. I just went to read a few of your posts....wtf is going on? It was a Rollercoaster ride just reading your posts. That is NOT a healthy relationship, I'm sorry to say. Find someone who doesn't blame you or yell at you. I'm sorry you are going through this.

  15. I gained 30 lbs in the pandemic, but just trying to buy new clothes and let myself exist. Is acceptance something you could working on While you just change your habits more slowly? I

  16. Trying I am letting myself “be” for today but hopefully tomorrow I snap out out of this

  17. Thank you, I am 41 and going to finally go on some form of birth control bc I can’t take it anymore

  18. This happened to me. I needed more as the relationship wasnt progressing. I am not a place holder. We deserve what we want!

  19. He just left my house and I feel this more than ever. He just told me he’s talking a trip to Germany in December. He knows how much I love to travel and didn’t invite me. I don’t know if that’s expecting too much but it bums me out

  20. He's playing the field. When they tell you who they are, believe them. This speaks VOLUMES.

  21. He said he’s not seeing anyone else or sleeping with anyone and I pretty much know where he is 24/7. He’s given me no indication he’s a liar so I choose to believe him until he proves otherwise

  22. Was kicked out at 18, had the good fortune to have my boyfriends family take me in and worked two jobs at one point

  23. Every time I’m sad, lonely or rejected, I always run back to my NEX, despite how many times he hurts me

  24. I’m so glad your ex wife left you; leave her alone, you’re toxic

  25. I’m so sorry for you, please make sure you get a good lawyer

  26. I know this woman who this is tattooed on, work is done by Tim Kern

  27. Were the bananas apart of something else? (I love the banana tattoos theyre really fun!)

  28. Absolutely. My wife and I have been together for so long she seems to know immediately if there is something going on that is a major distraction. Even though I'm hard it's just not the same and she can tell. Sometimes, with persistence of gentle touching she can overcome the distraction but sometimes not. As long as it's not significantly frequent it's not a big deal.

  29. Thank you we’re a new couple only three months

  30. depends on his job i guess. if he's responsible on a big stuff. e.g. company website problem or lots of ppl under him waiting for him to fix something then it can distract him from sex.

  31. Yes he planned this on Monday and we ended up having sex last night too

  32. Nine weeks and you are dealing with that…whew, definitely dodged a bullet. I, do, agree that 9:15 is too late to disturb his parents but he could’ve gone without you. His tire is his problem. FWIW, I got a flat when I was newly dating my boyfriend and I got it fixed and dealt with it, no one else cause that is my responsibility.

  33. I just wanted to help and it blew up in my face

  34. I have my own issues I am working on so I can’t make that’s judgement or call but I can say he’s cruel and hurtful

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