1. Ignore and no show. Let the steward handle it.

  2. I'll take a LLV any day anytime.

  3. Talk to your new station supe. They'll gibe you time you need. Better ask for at least 10 days for moving.

  4. Stick to your schedule. If they tell you to come in, definitely no show, fuck them.

  5. I don't even answer my phone when I'm in the office.

  6. Put your foot on the gas, it'll show it's full.

  7. I don't have a pin. And I have been in my office for a year. And I don't care.

  8. In our office we just submit a 3971 slip and write NO LUNCH on it.

  9. I would like to be one of their lavish dinner party guests. Friend, no. They are too sophisticated and educated for me.

  10. They'll do it based on your scanner data. If you finish your route early all the time, and then you are fucked.

  11. You do what you do. Fuck your PM. Mine told me the exact same thing when I started. Fuck him too!

  12. I'm a regular for 3 years, I bring home around 1800 per check.

  13. Hey mailman, hey, hey, excuse me! I'm talking to you! Hey, where are you going?! Yeah, keep on walking, just like that!

  14. Set a radius like 20 or 25 miles from where you live, and then put in requests as many as possible. In my case, I sent out around 35 requests and got 2 back in six months. Be patient, it may not take that long. Good luck.

  15. You are in hell. Run, don't look back.

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