1. The movie “The Birds” was a warning.

  2. Because it’s awesome and the world is ruled by cobra

  3. Looks like something from borderlands or destiny. I want it. Please.

  4. I vote no because I don’t have any :(

  5. Just out of curiosity, what are your favorite visual reference materials for the 'standard-issue' COBRA uniform?

  6. For my references I used the sideshow collectibles, IDW comics, GI Joe RAH tv show, and the classified line of toys. For materials I have Jeffery Bezos to thank (Amazon for the helmet, visor, patches, and adhesive Velcro), 5.11 tactical (uniform top, pants, and boots), ace hardware for a rattle can, big 5 for the backpack, evoke for the goggles. I went to Canrae gear for the vest (they just went under RIP)

  7. I will soon aquire a 3d printer and will make a better helmet.

  8. As the post office once said, “ if it fits, it ships”

  9. V1 to play god, V2 to be a drug lord. In short, both are goat (greatest of all time)

  10. I present the ......(drumroll)............Budget Badger

  11. "super battle droids knock em down!!!!!" "Watch those wrist rockets!!"

  12. So good I thought you were an action figure close up. Solid pics my friend 👌

  13. Probably the 1987 GI Joe movie cobra commander, pre snake transformation ( where he has the cape), the current GI Joe classified cobra commander, or the GI Joe resolute Cobra Commander. Tbh I think I like capes.

  14. He's in a drift competition. The more sideways the more points.

  15. Now would be an excellent time to take cover.

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