1. I don’t think she was ever a good promo. She just had an accent that made her unique in WWE.

  2. Agreed. Might as well call DMD a doo-doo face at that point.

  3. Mjf has a football background and seeing his antics on the field would be great

  4. Holy shit I was just thinking about how much I missed Jeffery Character-wheaties on CBB. He’s a lil stinker

  5. I’m in the minority where I think Mantzoukas does more to railroad a character than he does to add to one. He really pushes to exploit the “yes, and” rule and seems to care more about making a bit challenging than making it funny.

  6. That’s fair, I personally enjoy him derailing a character and challenging the performers. To each his own

  7. It was a new console to me anyway. It had its own games that didn’t work on the original game boy, also the graphics were better. To me that constitutes a new console

  8. I liked the premise of the game, but it was absolutely unplayable as a left handed person on the 3DS.

  9. Came here to say this, got it on launch day and couldn’t play it. The stylus was too clumsy in my right hand and the left handed mode was lacking

  10. I came here to say this. I don’t mind saying OP is lying.

  11. You shouldn’t have to each buy a ticket, at least my brother and I didn’t have to in Vegas for DON, but they’ll still only sign one thing or one 8x10. Also, at least in Vegas, there were free meet and greets that weren’t well advertised.

  12. A real man escorts his lady into the public restroom and waits by the stall

  13. Depends on how vicious an argument it was. If it was more of a "you're wrong I'm right suck it" kind of thing, a few cat videos and some deep breaths will help me. If it's a "go fuck yourself with a life sized cactus dildo" argument, punching a throw pillow works, although I have been known to fury knit.

  14. You think we’re gonna spoil that!!!!

  15. Would it surprise you to learn that Kings Theatre has one balcony?

  16. I think people are vastly overestimating the cost of the show tbh. The most expensive element would likely be the sets (a standard cost for most series), and even then only like 4 or 5 were made, of which only one was extremely detailed. Renting/decorating a house for a couple months also is very common, plus the Fielder Method studio was pretty likely just at the production office for the show (and even if not, it’s just a matter of booking a studio space for a couple weeks).

  17. They’re also saving a bunch by not needing many writers since it’s a reality type show.

  18. And The first to make stone tools weren’t even evolved to modern humans yet!

  19. Bring a couple gallons of drinking water with you if you’re camping just in case it’s a pain in the ass to get from the venue. If you’re taking illegal substances with you I’d keep them in your pockets when they search your car. In my experience they’ll search the car but not what you have on you. Have fun!

  20. This made me cry. All of my grandparents died when I was young. I’m so envious of those that still have theirs. Hug them extra hard for me.

  21. I believe they are only allied with BCC and aren’t full fledged members

  22. I need: 20, 25, 29, 31, 36, 38 - and am looking to purchase ALL 8 Gold Cards if someone wants to sell.

  23. I have 70,000 hei I’d be willing to trade for 10 cards of your choice!

  24. Scott is only 29 so I don’t know who this is a photo of but it’s not my Aukerman

  25. It’d be perfect if a couple cards redeemed just one hei point

  26. It deserved it. For a student film?? Get outta here. I wanna see what you do next.

  27. Thanks so much, these kinds of comments are really motivating

  28. You’re the type of talent that deserves motivation! Keep going my friend!

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