What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19?

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  1. Looks like light stress to me. What light? Power? Distance?

  2. My 3bog was very traditional OG while my Sam OG was very diesel. Both nice producers

  3. DBC x 3BOG is one of my all time favoritea that I've ever grown or smoked. Mine smelled and tasted like a bowl of watermelon and berries that had sat out too long and started to go bad. Amazing buzz also. Always put me in a great mood. I'm currently growing another one just getting into flower. Best of luck 🤙

  4. What is DBC, I’m pretty versed in meph, and that’s a first for me.

  5. Deep Blue C, I got that cross a couple years ago as a freebie

  6. Yep and it's been worth it every time! As long as you dont need the space

  7. Is that Skywalker in the background? To answer your question, yes starting with anything blocking prime bud sites.

  8. Unfortunately it seems all the buds on the plant have seeds. Really not sure how this happened but it makes me hesitant to use these seeds going forward

  9. I wouldn't be hesitant to keep growing any nightowl seeds. In my experience they are really solid genetics. Only NO herm I've had out of over 20 plants is 1 that I got too aggressive with and split her while she was stretching.

  10. Oh I’m still a NO fan. I grew an owl pellet alongside these two plants with seeds and the terps and smoke are great. Just got unlucky with these two but I will try again. I was so psyched for some sativas though!

  11. I completely understand. The next grow will be better! And a grinder with big holes to allow the seeds through instead of grinding them up might be your best friend for a while.

  12. Blue Microverse puts me to sleep every time. Best of luck to you!

  13. I wouldn't chop early just because of that. Chop when u wanna chop and who knows maybe the few seeds u end up with will grow out to be fire also. Yes, they might be more prone to herm. But that doesn't mean they always will. I've grown a few "herm made" seeds out for fun and 2 have grown out normal and 1 grew 2 balls and plucked and she finished just fine. Best of luck to you 🤙

  14. Sorry to hear this growmie. How much of her did u have to throw away?

  15. This is unbelievable for day 68! Well freaking done! What nose r u getting? Both of mine have started very strawberry but finished very diesel.

  16. Lookin frosty and flexible as always brother 🤙 nice work!

  17. She looks good! Im growing my second one now. My first one tasted super sweet and like caramel, like a star crunch with something fruity behind it. Any nose on yours yet? Just a heads up, she gets super dense so please keep an eye on her and give her lots of air flow. Best of luck 🤙

  18. Beautiful job friend!! That's almost definitely EQ!!

  19. Electric Qoolaid and cheech biggums have been fire for me

  20. EQ is so freaking good! My fave by far. What terps did you get from your cheech? Mine was straight up lemon pine sol, it seriously stung the nostrils.

  21. This☝️! Never had anything the queen touched that wasn't fire and tasty. Currently growing every NO strain with cosmic queen I have as well as cosmic queen. They are also good and I thought it would be fun to compare them to one another. Best of luck to you in your future grows!

  22. Stay on top of your mental and physical health and keep your world small 🤙

  23. Looking really good!! I'm smoking some blessed Makeda right now. I really screwed mine up and she still gave me three and a half zips of super dense buds. Smells like spiced candy and taste the same, with a hint of juicy fruit gum. Awesome hybrid buzz. You're in for a treat my growmie🤙

  24. 🙌thx! Can't wait she smells super dank already. How many days did yours go? This one is sitting at 90%cloudy 5%amber and 5% clear for like a week now. I might harvest in a few days if I don't see any more change.

  25. If I remember right she went around 14 weeks or so. She never ambered up for me either the way that I like but still makes for a fairly relaxing smoke that starts off a little heady. I eventually quit checking trichomes and just pushed mine until she quit drinking and throwing new hairs. Hope this helps.

  26. Blue Microverse and electric qoolaid are both really strong but mellow highs. EQ is my fave of all time and never fails to check every box I want. Cheech Biggums was another good one I think. I also dont love the anxiety some cannabis gives me so these are always on my list. Best of luck to you 👍

  27. Drop bean in warm water for 12 to 24 hours. Drop bean in medium about a half inch below the surface. Soak with about a half cup of water. And cover with a dome. Keep moist and should sprout in 3 to 5 days. Best of luck!

  28. The Office. I've seen it front to back close to 100 times. When I cant decide what to watch The Office always gets turned on and always glad it is.

  29. Queens Banner for sure!! I'm about to harvest my second one. First one was like smoking a diesel soaked rag and super stoney, this one I'm about to harvest smells like overripe sweet strawberries.

  30. Looks good 🤙 my guess is Electric Qoolaid. Awesome blue raspberry candy terps and one of the best highs out there. Currently growing my 4th

  31. Whao! I did a little research and I'm am almost 100% sure ur correct. Every single post I found matches this plant. They all say the terps are blue raspberry candy or kool-aid. And their bud structure looks similar to mine. I am in love with this strain. I wish I could find a pack of these seeds.

  32. I'd say it's a definite possibility for sure. Finding a pack of them might be tough. They were produced a couple of Halloween drops ago if I remember correct. I've often wondered if Daz would breed them out to f2 or beyond.. if not, I've already decided to reverse my last plant so I'll always gave this gem around. Best of luck to you and enjoy her!

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