1. Ok so how honestly this is a schizophrenic and bipolar review lol so your in for a ride I’m very high I’m In The land of a weed induced ayohuscha trip idk lol I feel spiritual and I’m normal atheist that these words as you please lol I don’t make sense right now

  2. I've never made edibles with extract before so I'm kinda scared lol

  3. What GPU do you run yours with, and what settings fps? Wife is getting me one of these for christmas and I cant wait to get into MSFS and Xplane with this thing!

  4. Nice! What settings are you running it at, and what kind of FPS are you getting? Also, are you flying airliners or GA?

  5. I mostly just like the small prop planes. Unsure of the graphics settings I have set, though I'm pretty sure I cranked up the settings and turned shadows and aliasing down and it runs without issue.

  6. Be sure to register your warranty, and only expect to be warranted for that time period, exacting to the terms of that warranty. Assuming you are in the US, it isn't bad. Handle it carefully, keep it out of sunlight.

  7. I've experienced this, no matter what you do you cannot get warm. Usually passes after a few minutes though and usually only happens when taking too much (for me, anyway).

  8. I live in Ohio. In the biggest city in Ohio. Once you get out past the suburbs and into the cornfields, there are still Trump signs, trailers, and flags everywhere. I’m sure ohio is not unique in that but fuck these people.

  9. Saw a trump flag at half mast on a flagpole in someone's front yard the other day, here in Alabama. Thought it was pretty funny.

  10. No clue, but the reverb g2 v2 is on sale for $300 right now. Cheapest it's been, I believe.

  11. I just did this for the first time. I dont know what if i messed up with the heat or my math was off but my gummies were definitely not as strong as i was expecting.

  12. Well that explains it. I am an idiot and was adding some zeros where i wasn’t supposed to be.

  13. Yeah, if you want stronger gummies you need to use more distillate. Maybe a 1:1 ratio of 27g to 27ml of MCT oil next time then those should be stronger. Then do the same math, but it'll be 27 @ 93% (25,110mg) and divide by the number of gummies you end up with to determine the strength.

  14. They are crazy in VR with Varjo Aero, but I still wish that the single stereo rendering pass wasnt broken as I love the 3D clouds as well but they are costly without it.

  15. Eat with two tablespoons of peanut butter then report back.

  16. Currently running an i9-9900k, 32gbs 3600mhz memory, Nvidia 3080, with an HP reverb G2. It's very capable in most open world traffic maps. Shutoko runs a bit lower than 90fps at times, but it's generally pretty good.

  17. I'm in a solid red state and it's depressing but we try. It's just so disheartening.

  18. Might want to add liquid lecithin to the tincture to assist with activation. Plain MCT oil + distillate tincture never hit for me. Adding liquid lecithin was the key to ensure activation without eating a fatty meal.

  19. dude it's AC not ACC. A 3080 is fine and a RX6900 probably is too.

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