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  1. Anyone that thinks these dudes like Dore are not anything other than full of shit about everything that comes out of their mouth they're delusional. When you have guys like this that don't argue policy, but will argue about how bad the democratic party is 24/7 you know something is wrong there.

  2. Wait. Harper pitched out of HS? I don’t remember that. What’s the 96 mph fastball thing about?

  3. He was also a catcher before transitioning. Probably would've been the best offensive catcher ever if he stuck to it.

  4. There are a lot of people who claim he was only a "catcher" in order to showcase his arm. You don't really get the chance in highschool to show your arm in the outfield.

  5. He also catched at junior college. I think the Nationals took him off catcher to have him move up faster through the minors so he wasn't pre-occupied with catching.

  6. I've never understood the hate Bing has gotten. I get sometimes better results on it than google. Plus I get rewards for using it. I always thought people meme'd it because it's a Microsoft product.

  7. I really thought this chick was gonna blow up huge after Ready or Not, but then her agent got her in that horrible Snake Eyes movie and it halted any momentum she had.

  8. The crazy thing about Danis is that he's mocked online, but I remember when he was coming up he was a really hyped up guy coming out of Marcelo Garcia's gym. Just never hit that potential people thought a guy that talked up under Marcelo would hit.

  9. Guys like that fascinate me because I understand leaving your family is a tough ask, but your job is here in America. I don't understand why those guys would not just live here and at the very least establish a work visa.

  10. Normally with American players i'd say Luka would be out of there within a year and a half. But European players seem to be loyal to a fault .

  11. You haven't answered my question. What policies does Activision have today that's good for consumers and their workers alike?

  12. How is it best for consumers I'm lost here. What value are they giving consumers now?

  13. Leo’s character Jack was 20 and Rose was 17. So, art imitating life.

  14. I mean men dating women at those age ranges was the norm. Many people born in the 40s, 50s and even 60s had parents with who dated while their mothers were under 18 and in their mid teens and their fathers were of age to serve in the military

  15. i was wondering this the other day. If he puts up a a decent sized year I wonder if they try him out in the majors in 2024? That's not really their MO, but if he smashes AA pitching or starts slow and then starts mashing, the jump to AAA really isn't that great.

  16. If Ortega has a good spring I could see him making the team.

  17. I just don't see Jones getting that kind of money. If we're paying him 35 to 37 million I'd rather just go after Carr or Jimmy G.

  18. Whats the matter you don't like stupid idiot trades and being a fringe playoff team until Hal opens the wallet to cover for him?

  19. When have the Yankees been a fringe playoff team? LMAO they missed the playoffs like 4 times in 20 years.

  20. Ok so what's your point? Nothing can be done now/ He'll likely get DFA'd in a few months anyway.

  21. Watching Quentin Tarantino act as a bad ass mass murderer is entertaining to you? Also the creepy shit with Juliette Lewis was totally added by Quentin.

  22. I am in the extreme minority here but imo RD and PF are literal masterpieces. Nearly flawless. Everything after that was mediocre at best. Almost as if QT was doing a parity of himself. I really liked FDTD though. I wish I felt differently though as those two movies I’ve seen maybe 50 times each…

  23. The only good movies Tarantino has directed imo are Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and Resovoir Dogs imo. The rest is really indulgent almost pretentious shit with ridiculous dialogue that no one talks like. It's almost like Sorkin movies, but those movies don't bother me as much except in Jobs.

  24. That's the slippery slope with tech and why the FTC cracking down on tech buyouts is kind've dangerous. If you're ChatGPT now you're competing with Google which means you're CONSTANTLY going to have to raise capital to compete with a trillion-dollar company. That's the pressure that the founder probably isn't built for. This is where buyouts come into play where the founder gets filthy rich and a bigger company with bigger pockets take on that headache without the risks.

  25. When it came out Kutcher and SWS were both really hot at the moment and comedies like that were really popular. It also had an iconic moment with the tattoo scene. Back before streaming was a thing a movie like Dude Where's My Car would become huge on DVD and the home video market and cable market.

  26. With home video dying I wonder how these type of movies make their money back for the investors. I'm assuming this is going to eventually hit streaming and they're banking on a streamer buying it?

  27. So there's no big money outside of the UFC afterall, eh Kevin?

  28. This is wack because the URL literally brands themselves as the number 1 league. As soon as another league starts cooking, fans are naturally going to compare them.

  29. Except how do you compare the two? URL throws cards every month sometimes multiple times a month. RBE is no where near their status. That's not me hating RBE that's just looking at the facts. I fuck with Adam but anyone comparing RBE to URL are deluding themselves.

  30. Easily, you compare them by the amount of buzz they receive. Have you gave a fuck about any of the lite works or app only cards? If your answer is no then that’s my point. Everyone was talking about the RBE card this weekend. That’s all I’m saying, the chatter around it.

  31. Who is everyone? LMAO none of their vids on 15MOF or HHIS are doing big views. Smack just threw a card that was getting buzz. Yall are delusional.

  32. I saw "Angry Whopper" and got super excited, only to be let down by "Canada"

  33. I don't see any scenario where Volk doesn't get smashed. Literally worst possible matchup for him. Idk if the UFC paid him more for this fight or what exactly is going through his head.

  34. The amount of money it must've took to get McConaughey has to be astronomical.n

  35. He has legit connections. I don't think he'd make this up just to make it up.

  36. Yeah because Brooklyn had no spacing and Boston basically double teamed him. When he had spacingg he was obliterating a top 5 defense in the Bucks.

  37. Posts like this are so dumb. Do you think anyone here knows the answer? Get off lebrons dick already. You do realize the lakers make more money when they are winning? I’m pretty sure they are trying to make the best deal possible to give them the best chance at winning while not getting fleeced at the same time. This sub has gone to trash

  38. What has Rob done in these last few years to show you he's anything less than incompetent? It's not about being on Lebron's dick. It's about the real possibility he's tired of an incompetent front office that just makes head scratching move after head scratching move. The Rui trade is another head scratcher because now we don't even have max cap space any longer and zero assets for a sign and trade.

  39. Uhhhh they won a championship less than 3 years ago you dummy. They have made 1 mistake which was the Westbrook trade and partly because your butt Buddy lebron. Like I said gtfo of his dick already and stop saying the SAME FUCKING SHIT REPEATEDLY

  40. Lmao yeah because LeBron had AD force himself out of New Orleans. Rob didn’t do shit

  41. There's no easy fix for the problems we have. We don't have a lot of cap space and we don't have assets to acquire anything.

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