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  1. You’ll definitely need two full adults to get this set up and broken down.

  2. In case you didn’t notice, I’m making fun on your attempt of writing exploded. I don’t really expect you to understand the context when you cannot even write.

  3. These comments make me feel better because these are about what my 6011's look like.

  4. If you are worried about cost,you probably shouldn't hunt,hunting is expensive

  5. I've been hunting with 30-06 for a long time. I like shooting a lot, and do a lot of it. I'm just trying to get some more info. If i can pretend it'll save me momey, I'm always eager to spend money to save money ha.

  6. But ltalian shotguns are more expensive

  7. For about the same money you can buy a mossberg pump and be miles ahead of the garbage.

  8. I didn't think Does were allowed to be hunted haha I've only ever heard people talking about 'doe' season once like 10 years ago.

  9. Acorss my state there are different rules per zone theres like 200 zones. I'm allowed to shoot 5 deer in total, no more than one of them can be a buck. So i could take 5 does if I had the chance, and the time to deal with processing them.

  10. Lol I read this and thought, “What difference does the saddle make in a particular time of year? Is it bad to be up a tree in January?” Then I read further and understood.

  11. Thats kind of what I like so much about ice fishing. Everybody that goes ice fishing is in a pretty similar climate and you don't have to sort out area specific comments haha.

  12. I hunt in northern Wisconsin, so definitely used to layering up. No comfort or mobility issues for me once I’m in the saddle. I have plenty of adjustment with my Tethrd Phantom over my heavy Sitka Fanatic bibs and jacket. The main issue is not overheating when getting set up. I normally loose my coat, hat, and maybe a top base layer to put up my sticks and saddle. Then gear back up for a final trip up. The same would be true with a hang-on though. I do think I stay warmer in a saddle than a hang-on too.

  13. Excellent! I was kind of hoping this was the case. I have a cheap ladder stand now, and sitting in that thing is terribly uncomfortable and cold. Seems standing/leaning in a saddle all day would help a good bit keeping my circulation going.

  14. Sorry, i meant to say half way to normal. So i guess you'd say only 1/4 way up the gauge.

  15. No check engine (or maybe "Service Engine Soon") light?

  16. No lights on at all. I've been meaning to get an ir gun anyway, so this might be a good excuse.

  17. Hey OP were you manually adjusting the temperature between segments or is this some neat thing that my noob-ass hasn't come across yet?

  18. Grabbed it off thingiverse, and it had a g code file for pla + as well as a few others and the straight stl

  19. Like I said the atf is known to change the wording. So they very well might just say you either file or be in violation.

  20. And I'm kind of betting that once everyone registers their "free" sbr stamp, some sort of shenanigans will ensue and otherwise make legal ownership another pain in the ass.

  21. I kind of feel like an hour is about the right amount of time for me. Idk what time the sun goes down for you, but if you can get in your stand and settled and still have an hour of sitting, it is likely worth it.

  22. I live in rural Wisconsin and there is a gas station across the street from me, is it okay to drive it over for gas? What tire pressure should I run for snow plowing and towing a firewood trailer / skidding logs?

  23. I'm not familiar with your local laws. You'll have to check with your city whatnot to make sure its legal. But... i bet if you watch the gas station long enough You'll see atvs riding right up to it and filling up

  24. Did paintball for a bachelor party a few years ago. At the end the groom had to "run the gauntlet" which was basically this, but he got to keep his clothes.

  25. Getting drunk probably isn't what she's upset about. It's probably the fact that you left her 7 weeks after giving birth.

  26. Yeah, for sure. My wife wouldn't have been cool with that either. But i know some people's wives are. My son is 2 now, so reflecting back its clear to see my wife had postpartum. She would have said I could go, but deep down would have been mad.

  27. You're fine. Just overthinking. Pheasant hunting is fun and you can do it with anything. If you can afford pretty guns, pheasant hunting is a good time to show it off.

  28. Definitely suggest cva, either accura or the paramount. If 300yds is a really important thing to you the extra $ for the bolt action paramount is worth it. They can handle hotter loads than break action. You’ll want to find blackhorn powder, it’s scarce and $$$ but produces great results and is much easier to clean. 45 cal gets you better velocities that are closer to traditional centerfire ballistics but there are somewhat fewer bullet choices. The powerbelt ELR’s seem to work well though, very accurate in most guns.

  29. I have been looking a lot at the paramount and accura. It is a ton of money, but I'm interested. Though, if 200 yards is a much more reasonable limit with less expensive equipment, I may likely just adjust my goals to fit the budget.

  30. Gold isn’t money. Gold is a metal that’s only value comes from people wanting it because they think other people want it. It has no intrinsic value.

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