1. That hybrid is probably pretty dope but you could always go for a mighty and save a few bucks as well.

  2. For sure, but he asked for the best. The hybrid will beat the mighty straight up.

  3. oh for sure thats no lie, unless you want the portable would be the only thing better about the mighty

  4. No one deleted anything here you are spreading more misinformation. That's the only thing anyone ever called you out on.

  5. Where the other post about the same thing? I was trying to find it and couldnt, no misinformation from me just the truth that yall dont want to accept.

  6. You would have to ask the users who posted but one (possibly both) deleted/deactivated their account so it will be hard. When have you ever seen me or the other mod make a post about Galenas? I just corrected you on the incorrect statements you were throwing around that were easily disprovable

  7. Or maybe it's possible every person in the world doesn't have to agree with you? Maybe? Just a thought.

  8. My guy have you tried Woodward? Its exponentially better in every way. Including price on occasion.

  9. I have bud. I have tried Woodward, Klutch, Farkas, BR, Meigs, and a few others. Galenas and Farkas are generally the ones I like the most. Plus Woodward is so hard to get and I don't feel like planning my life around when I'm going to the dispensary.

  10. Its been at the dispo BUD look again, not sure where you are but herbology cfalls still has LA Kush Cake it might be one of my favorites. Dont sleep on it, also Sunset Sherbet from them is dropping today which is absolute gas too

  11. They do but he was talking about Klutch pods and distillate

  12. Yes thats his excuse for not wanting it to be legalized federally. Federal legalization will lead to rec/homegrow and also interstate cannabis sales (which should totally be allowed) and it makes total sense that he would not want it. Its not going to affect any indoor grows at all. Just his because his weed sucks.

  13. You can reach out to the processor yourself I'm fairly certain, I'm not entirely sure if they'll tell you tho where they get the flower from.

  14. I just know its easy for these places to make a vape pen, throw botanical terps in it, and then call it whatever strain sounds really good. Most of the time people have no idea.

  15. You could be right. Either way the vape is nice. It tastes legit to the strain and the effects are nice 👍🏼

  16. It was 02/22/21 but it doesn't list Certified Cultivators

  17. When I find the card for the botanist Ill post it, my question is if they say they arent using pesticides who is going through to make sure they actually are or not?

  18. Well that's true who's to say we go by what they tell us and I here alot of talk about North Coast labs about raising THC levels and letting things pass that shouldn't so yeah nobody really knows except for the people growing or the people testing

  19. It’s just the fact that I could go grab an actual gram from someone for the same price maybe less but I’m paying 70-80 maybe more for .85 and getting less possibly. my scale is perfectly fine all it has on it is old keif😂😂😭😭😭

  20. Are you sure that your scale is on point? No offense, but it looks like a very cheap gas station scale. Did you check your scale with a dollar bill or a nickel? Im sure you have but just out of curiosity and other people have mentioned in this thread that the scale could be in question.

  21. As soon as someone has something positive to say about the program or something to do with it, people automatically call them shills and say they work for them. This Reddit is weird

  22. Yes I have seen a lot of that, but it is weird.... Especially since they arent defending themselves at all.

  23. If I didn’t know better I’d assume you’re biased towards Northcoast.. seems shady.

  24. Can you see little shards of diamonds in it? Does the oil look like it has a texture? I can kind of see it in the pic but not really. Been curious about these, I tried the live resin carts from Superflux Botanist and they were straight boof it would not even get me medicated at all so now im wondering if any other ones are worth it.

  25. Oh no not at all. I literally just hit it before this pic. There's a tube through the center and that's condensation from the vapor. When I opened the package at first it was basically a smooth sheet of resin covering the glass. I am BLITZED from this thing.

  26. Nice! I will definitely try one. Was very let down by the last cart I tried and normally I just use flower or concentrate.

  27. Just to confirm. Because this is over 590mg, this uses 2 days instead if 1 day, correct?

  28. No, 612 is within the 5% variance and is why that number is allowable for 1 day. The item they made will reflect 590 or lower but since 612 is within the 5% variance of whatever number is on the item, its allowed. Only 1 day.

  29. That sounds amazing where'd you pick it up I would love to grab me a little bit of that

  30. On a lot of carts that weigh less than a gram you might see this happen.

  31. I really hope you can find that kind of pain relief from weed. Good luck to you.

  32. Its the best portable dry herb vape that money can buy. Hope you enjoy it!

  33. Ima try em out I had my eye on em for awhile .. jus kept giving certified a try but just wasn’t satisfied

  34. I for sure was not satisfied with every single certified I bought, but the cherry mintz was fire af. Animals Mintz as well.

  35. That’s what I’m saying like I gotta certain standard and if I’m paying almost 50$ for 2.8 grams weed you best believe Ima be on that ass if something off .. don’t tax me for sub par green .. and like I said to buddy if they weighed the trees out how they should be 3.5 and 7 and 14gs y’all would never heard nothing outta me

  36. Right, even 50 an 8 is steep but if its gas its gas and I wouldnt bitch so long as the quality is there. I'm right there with ya. Thats why most my money goes to Woodward/Fire Rock. They are the TRUTH. Klutch for sure has some gas genetics too but wait till you try Woodward for real. They are on the same level all day. Check Herbology CFALLS for Woodward when it drops, they sell it for 80+ tax. Most places sell the 5.66 of Woodward for 89ish.

  37. I had one of the Superflux LR carts and no matter how many times I hit it, I got absolutely 0 effect from it. It was very frustrating. Normally I dont use carts but I was excited to try these because they claim to be real live resin with no disty. Gelato Cakez is the one I tried and it tasted great, was excited to gain the effects, but nothing.

  38. And filing a complaint with the board just documents the mistakes they make. I don't understand the issue with that. I've never thrown it up in your face lol I'm just saying it's strange how biased you seem to be towards them. You bash them on 90% of posts about them. Even if it's a patient who enjoyed the product. If you know people who have legit evidence of Galenas breaking the law/rules then they should be reprimanded just like everyone else. You can believe that if you'd like but they definitely aren't allowed to make up lab results.

  39. Nothing has ever happened to a company for shorting someone or providing a bad product. Document it for what? You think they actually document each instance of something like this happening? Arguably the person who found the issue COULD be lying and the state cant even take their word for it really. Its just annoying and a complete waste of time in the end.

  40. Not yet because who knows if it patients even contact the board is my main point. If it's documented when it happens then they can make appropriate changes to keep it from happening again with other Cultivators too. When a complaint it's submitted to the State it's documented and the patient even gets a email notifying them the complaint they submit and all the info. Now the patient is lying? Then the same can be said about Farkas why should they believe the patient and make appropriate changes to prevent from happening again?

  41. I reluctantly tried a few of these strains from them and I guess they might have potential but I really thought they were trash. Even for $28 or $32 dollars these were a waste of my days supply. It was wild to see that people actually were giving them good reviews and liking them on here. I was not impressed at all.

  42. interesting to hear! It was pretty dry but I enjoyed this. definitely not the most gas thing I’ve ever tried but gets the job done for me! Sorry to hear it wasn’t the same for you

  43. Im glad you liked it, I tried this one along with a few others and to be honest it wasnt the worst thing ive ever tried. Just wasnt that great compared to a lot of what I normally use. Was still better than Galenas lol. I cant wait to see what else they put out and I hope they can really hone in on what works for the strains they are running.

  44. Damn that’s interesting. I went ahead and placed the order. Thanks for your input. First time trying Woodward.

  45. I would be willing to bet money that you are going to be impressed. Let us know how you like it.

  46. You weren’t wrong at all. Haven’t got too deep into it but deff made me feel like a new smoker for the first time in, let’s just say a long long long time.

  47. Damn really? I've never had Galenas before. I've seen a lot of people on here that swear by them.

  48. Buying their product is like when you make an expensive purchase that you eventually start to feel like it was a waste of money, then you lie to yourself to make yourself feel better about the outrageous amount of money you just spent on something that is totally worthless. Thats the only reason why people on here would say they actually like them. Either that or they are so blinded by the organic thing that the placebo effect is happing to them and they think they are actually stoned. They were never growers by profession before this. Not even the head grower. They also call their flower a "house strain" as if they actually bred the strain on site. I've always been underwhelmed by their products and I really dont like them as a company.

  49. I assume they meant orange 43 (would of been WAY too much work to fix the post) and can’t even reply. I love their flower but their workers are trash, still.

  50. Just picked up the greasy runts badder on sale at terrasana and I thought it was pretty nice especially for the price. I cant wait to see what else they put out. I was never impressed by Cresco products but I have not tried their concentrates so I cant really say much about those products. I definitely like the Certified I just bought tho.

  51. I think a lot of the Indica, Sativa Hybrid thing is a selling point. Terpenes now are becoming the next selling point. They say Pinene can give a boost of energy, but does it really? I'm with you. I think its BS.

  52. Right. Pinene really seems to put me down honestly.

  53. Ive just never had a strain thats gives me a boost of energy like you said. Maybe a bit of motivation or creativity or something. Thats really it though.

  54. Idk, I just know my experience with the orange 43 @ 32% thc & 33% thca hasn’t been the same as @ 32% thc & 35% thca. Just threw out what I kinda look for, not like I’m making his decision, just trying to be helpful.

  55. Im not trying to give you a hard time, was just trying to understand what you meant.

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