1. good stuff. what's the bullfrog setup?

  2. sound suppressor x steady aim laser x patrol grip x gru elastic wrap x kgb skeletal stock

  3. Was gonna hit the dislike because the only thing loading was a screenshot from a dropshot(if you were prone the whole time I definitely would have)

  4. I could never camp lol. I only use the bulldog because it has the fastest STF/speed. I like fast!

  5. Oh. Then no. WZ2 drops in like a month. Wait for that. You will barely have time to unlock a gun before the life cycle is over.

  6. biggest difference is mechanics. Cold War has different movement mechanics so if you're gonna play WZ2 it would be beneficial to play rebirth to get adjusted to MW movement. It's gonna change a bit with the new game, but WZ>WZ2 will be easier to adapt to than CW>WZ2

  7. appreciate it. always thought the WZ movement looked satisfying af. cold war feels slow AF

  8. Thought this was a shit post. Your fine.

  9. I don’t get it? You thought i am kidding? I am legit scared to death

  10. Yeah, if there isn't any games or programs being ran, why would the usage spike up you know? No harm done though friend. That's how it should be.

  11. could be theres just more players on sunday, if you're averaging 50 kills on nuketown then you should be placed with higher players but there simply aren't enough players to make it "balanced matchmaking"

  12. Wrongful termination is a legal term-of-art. It means that you were fired for a federally protected reason - that is, your race, religion, skin color, country of origin, etc.

  13. Okay I will see what I can do. Thank you.

  14. Definitely file for unemployment. If it gets refused, fight it and talk to a rep, lay everything you did and what your did, their responses or lack thereof.

  15. Will do. I know filing may be a bit difficult, but will anything about my age have an impact on it? The area I live in sucks in terms of having jobs for minors so looking may take time.

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