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  1. Maybe because the post has no examples and you’re just chatting. Possibly add more context next time????

  2. To be fair, AK streamed for like 3 hours all while the chat begged him to drag Rory. He eventually caved to the pressure and just went in. I think he had Rory’s name in the title

  3. What’s fair about it? Rory allegedly dropped a postcard over 2 years ok and ak still getting clout off Rory and now his fam? That’s wild.

  4. It’s fair because he didn’t want to talk about it because he said it’ll help Rory’s album rollout. He did it for the fans. I don’t really think it’s for clout because AK is more popular anyway. He was upset about Rory saying “I’m glad he didn’t get hurt in that home invasion” because it was some slick shit to say

  5. What is even the point of the car seat if you're not going to strap the kid into it?

  6. From her profile, she had a 5 or 6 year old that didn’t have a car seat at all

  7. Please tell me the comments were telling her to strap him in properly.

  8. For the 15 minutes that it was up, every single comment had a link to a car seat group

  9. Word on the street was that Joe and Rory was casual. Mal on the other hand hates Joe. Rory stays on team Mal publicly since Mal was team Rory during the break up.

  10. In my opinion, takes like this is going to get them nowhere. Clearly the majority of listeners want more from them. They aren’t getting many deals since the beginning which is why you see them taking ads now. The viewership is down unless it’s drama from Joe and they have the most basic/bland opinions on things. The pateron is lack luster and if they want to make the pod a longtime thing, they need to put in more work. The inside jokes will only take them so far

  11. If the black parent is only 1/2 black or less than they are not black

  12. Dude just found out Quincy Jones is her pops and was looking for someone else to just find out too. Ain’t no way you used this photo

  13. If it’s the one where they went at ish it was under the $10 for me

  14. It’s probably about the fact they they did a pod tour and joes got canceled. That’s the only thing I can think of but this is speculation

  15. Been thinking about it too but I believe the payments refresh the 1st of the month so I’m going to wait a few days so I’m not paying extra

  16. Im sure he has kept up with seasons 2-4 and realized that the game has changed drastically. Most people come in and immediately think strategy. Season 1 was the only season where I feel that people built real relationships. This season is probably the 2nd

  17. And if we look to our right people, we see another a-hole complaining about 2 days shipping while in the midst of holiday season and extreme winter weather

  18. i think it depends. Fox News is getting sued for defamation rn because of the BS they spouted about those voting machines.

  19. They can get sued all day but at the end of the day it’s about what can be proven in court without a reasonable doubt. I support these news places being sued but I don’t support all news outlets. I have no idea what Fox News said because I don’t give them my energy

  20. Curious what is responsible for the dip in height halfway through

  21. Yes, very high winds where the actual snowfall slowed down for a few hours

  22. As a Floridian, I am mildly curious how you would dig it out without it collapsing on you.

  23. Hello. This is my post. Most of this was snow drift form w the wind. Once we knocked it down we shoveled the rest. Took us a day and 1/2 to clear the entire driveway. It also just stared snowing again

  24. Lmfao I went looking for your post to make sure I wasn’t crazy

  25. It’s all good. Happy to share the karma wealth this holiday season

  26. People were stuck in cars for 2 days straight in freezing weather. People died for carbon monoxide poisoning from not clearing the exhaust or died from freezing

  27. And that is why we have mass casualties still stuck under snow as we speak

  28. They have a new audience of children that are attracted to a certain look. Things that stand the test if time are likely to change as time passes.

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