My friend/coworker has been talking about his birthday for 2 months. He invited a lot of people and they said yes. No one from work showed up but me

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  1. Tudo num relacionamento tem que ser conversado. Fala as suas vontades pra ela com verdade e carinho, e pergunta a opinião dela. Pergunta quais são as vontades dela, e encontrem um caminho que funcione pra todo mundo. Dá-lhe.

  2. Katsu was the best coffee shop I visited in Amsterdam.

  3. O dono do ap que eu alugava nunca dava manutenção . Enrolava até eu desistir. Uma vez a privada tava ficando disparada. Eu avisei pra ele 3 vezes em uma semana que tava estragado, e eu enfiando a mão na caixa acoplada pra resolver toda hora . Avisei uma última vez, e deixei a água correr solta (Capitao Planeta me perdoe). Ficou uns 15 a 20 dias e apareceu um papel na parede do prédio falando pra economizar na água, pq a conta de água tinha vindo 4 mil reais mais cara de um mês pro outro. Eu precisei pedir pra ele consertar minha privada só mais uma vez.

  4. Em BH é meio normal ter um registro só de água pro prédio todo, e divide igual no condomínio.

  5. Dry sockets come from the action of suction. Some people like to use gravity bongs when going through this.

  6. Doner Kebab. From the same place. The guy has been feeding us for the last year through the whole struggle with a giant chicken doner with salad, that fed wife and I for cheap.

  7. Lauterbrunnen é uma sacanagem de tão linda. Tem uns cantinhos que lembram Valfenda mesmo. Foi um dos melhores dias da minha vida.

  8. You are right! They are referred to as "klappbarer Orientierungsbügel" ("foldable orientation (guide) bar") for the visually impaired. My best guess is that you can find free seats by tapping your guide stick (or whatever that thing is called) against it — though it seems you'd just hit people's legs. But in any case you are definitely right.

  9. If the first contact with an object is above a certain height, the meeting may happen with the knee before than with the cane.

  10. How old is this? How long does Dell provide parts for systems?

  11. I'm not sure to be honest. It is like 3 years old. The model is Dell G3 3590 P89F 001.

  12. I think you can safely open the cover. What is the model number? You should have it at the bottom, beside the service tag.

  13. It is a Dell G3 3590 P89F 001. Is this the correct information?

  14. ER mate. I know it sucks, but don't take the risk.

  15. You have to ask how sustainable it is to be importing the population of Leeds every year is, the net population of Edinburgh without the investment in schools, housing, infrastructure to go along with it.

  16. Sou nascido e criado no Nova Suíça . Lá é um ótimo bairro pra quem é extremamente caseiro. Tem tudo perto, mas o acesso ao centro é UM TERROR. Eu tinha que pegar a Amazonas pra ir trabalhar no Floresta todo dia, e dava vontade de morrer.

  17. Rio de Janeiro or Santa Catarina. There you go, you can have it for free.

  18. Why there are so many HO without touch if reality? What is happening? The crazy Karen from the last sit almost killed us with her monster dog. THS has to start best screening the Home Owners.

  19. Gonna post an update today, but the thing didn't work out well for us.

  20. Sounds like untrained dog. Only imbeciles can say ' he never was like that'. Plus he may get used to agression from owners- dogs r like children they pick up on behaviour of their owners. I wouldnt sit dog that constantly barks at me after arrival. Its sign of poorly trained and teritorial. Avoid avoid.

  21. HO unresponsive. Waiting for a response from THS, but no support until now. We locked the dog in half the house with water food and shelter, and we can hear her destroying the house downstairs. I'm frightened and don't know what to do.

  22. They are awesome in a bread with cream cheese (or requeijão) and ham. Duuuuude!!!

  23. Almost the same happened to me. Birthday in middle of Brazilian Carnaval, and almost no one showed up. That year I really learned the value of those few but good good friends.

  24. Great idea. For the enemies, look on what origami represents to you and you will find the answer for the whole concept of the game.

  25. Who told you there was no virtual meeting? Because there was, and now, looking back, the home owner did everything to hide the truth from us. Why are you siding with a person who wasn't honest with the people she was putting in danger?

  26. Didn't you ask about the size of the dog? Not age. Size? Didn't the owner ask about your experience with dogs? Did you meet the dog with the owner present? Did the owner tell you anything about the dog's temperament? Have you been in touch with the owner to discuss any of this? Was the dog growling at you or threatening you when you managed to lock her up? I'm sure the dog is destroying everything because she's locked up in part of her house while a stranger is doing who knows what. If this wasn't a dangerous situation for you before, it is now.

  27. Of course I asked. She briefly showed us the dog sleeping from a top angle and from afar. She said the dog was "not big". I have plenty experience with dogs, and no she never asked. Yes I met the dog with the owner present. Everything she told us before was how calm, beautiful and sweet her puppy was. The dog growled or barked at me often before me entering a room, and only let me enter after some seconds scanning me. I manage to lock her with lots of treats.

  28. Accident waiting to happen. This is what I'm feeling.

  29. You should be concerned, any dog going through a false pregnancy tends to act unusual. That and the fact the dog can’t be walked without fixating on other dogs is a bad sign. Please call the owner, at this point the dogs vet might need to board them to watch for more symptoms.

  30. Contacted the family of the owner. Thanks.

  31. Bater a cabeça e sair sangue do nariz não é pouca coisa tá ? Tem gente que morre disso.

  32. No surprise it's Australia. My town has a pretty famous skydiving area and there's so many Australian that travel there for that

  33. Oh I think it is Lauterbrunen. Been there a couple of weeks ago with my wife. Magical place.

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