1. you don't have to leave the house even if it is sold the new owners become the landlords unless the LLTB say you have to move don't do anything but pay rent as normal. Even if you receive an N12 you don't need to vacate unless the LLTB say so. you can ask for cash for keys + moving expenses. A friend of mine was in a similar sitch got 3 months rent back and moving costs

  2. A probe you say so that's what GOP call a strap on these days

  3. The new Suns owner immediately doing something like this would be hilarious.

  4. I’d assume if they did, it’d be when you’re starting fresh as an owner, you want to start with a clean slate and anyone who’s not getting on the bus can gtfo.

  5. I get that but why trade him to a rival in the same conference when you can trade him to the Hornets to the Hawks

  6. To land him Clippers have nothing I would want on my Raptors team I would hope he go's to the warriors so we can get Kuminga or Wiseman

  7. were do you think he is going I have heard nothing I hope we can get Ayton

  8. Floridaman runs for Whitehouse Orange man yells and screams Kool Aid Man says oh yea

  9. Kyrie got my man out here reevaluating his entire life direction

  10. I recommend recording any and all future calls with the landlord also good thing to remember is an N12 is just a notice to vacate you don't have to do anything unless the LLTB say so other than that all advise given is pretty good

  11. That is stealing file a police report that the school stole your phone and went through the phone with out a warrant the principal is in a lot of trouble

  12. The name on the car is fujitec there an elevator company

  13. add 10,000 more homeless to Canada's population because we're the fuck are they going to live

  14. he knew he was just remembering what the scouting report says about Horford 3 point percentage let him shoot

  15. You guys need to stay warm while I go to Cancun again thanks for your votes

  16. And you can tell Shaq can’t stand him. Hell crack a corny joke and Shaq will keep staring into the camera with a straight face lmaoo

  17. they should of called David Jacoby or Tony Reali or Bill Simmons or Zach Low

  18. Sue the shit out of them if she was dumb enough to go against your wishes sue them get a lawyer and sue them for all they have

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