1. This is ridiculous. All to save 60grand. Why not cut the salaries of all the city hall workers on the sunshine list making over 100k

  2. Actually it seems it is the law as per Ontario legislation. By 2025 no more recycling can be collected from any previously eligible business.

  3. Wow I actually pass the building every single day on my way to school lol. The more you know.

  4. It is. And to think the unreal engine (epic games) was programmed there too when they made the Unreal game using the first unreal engine. While it was a combined effort with epic and digital extremes tim spent much time with the team in waterloo before the game went gold.

  5. I was todays years old when I heard “Rimmers”. Has a ring to it. Also, thank you for walking us the memory lane wrt RIM offices and a bit of what the hood looked like back then. Defo sounds like a surreal time to be in tech in the region.

  6. A year prior I was beta testing Unreal 1 by epic games / digital extremes in the same building....

  7. I'm a lot of things. Unix hacker since the early 90's.

  8. Right. So if a strip club repair their building for no customer why repair it?

  9. Many streets near college and edinbirgh have free parking all day with no restrictions and you can walk to campus about 10 mins.

  10. They also have to be reading at at least 2 years past grade level (so grade 5 if they are in grade 3), and be evaluated/recommended by the principal and teacher. Their case goes up for review to a board, and the they are offered a place. The test is the catalyst.

  11. Thanks. That explains what gets you in and I appreciate that. I am still hoping some parents can answer my main question. Parents of a child in the program: what made YOU think your child was gifted before testing?

  12. I have 2 kids. oldest is gifted, youngest is not. if I had to put money on it, I would have bet the youngest was the gifted one by a long way. Even the teachers and principal were surprised my oldest was gifted. They struggled so much in school that it hid everything until they were in another program. My youngest however, talk to her for 15 minutes and people think she is remarkable, brilliant. She is doing great at school, but isn't "gifted" (very high marks on the test, but not in the 98%ile band).

  13. I agree to this. I am pleased that neurodivergent kids can have a proper program (gifted or not) as these kids struggle regardless or are just left behind.

  14. Time to read the Highway Traffic Act again. If you don't know that making a legal turn isn't a violation imagine what else you forgot since you studied for your license.

  15. 2nd teksavvy. Technically they use Bell lines but have only had a couple issues in 7 years. Decent price and don't throttle the connection when it gets busy.

  16. They use both bell and rogers. All the non bell and rogers are the same as they are carriers on rogers or bell networks with very few exeptions.

  17. Only one can be best. You'll probably be told about all of them. How will you choose?

  18. Viarail runs twice a day. Gotrain has a commuting schedule.

  19. Go no longer runs straight commuter schedules, they run a ton of options both ways now but it is not true two way all day service.

  20. 12 trains a day on weekdays. Only via rail on weekends.

  21. Call the police and maybe somebody dies. Plus each contact has to cost the Region, what, a thousand bucks?

  22. I'm not comfortable potentially sending a kid with a gun and 12 weeks of training, even if someone was a dick to me.

  23. For bylaw I agree. However for cost... it depends.. are they waiting for something to do? Then nothing.

  24. 12 trains daily to Toronto except weekends. One VIA on weekends only, for now. Hope weekend trains come soon!

  25. Nice find. Line looks very abandoned but this is a good sign

  26. Also worth shopping around every once in a while. Just like smartphone plans, companies are much more likely to reward new customers with the better deals. Switching regularly is best.

  27. Generally yes. I have yet to find cheaper. Highly depends on your circumstances though.

  28. Oh for sure. I'm still waiting for that magical age where it's really cheap. The older I get, the more we seem to get gouged though. It's like I gotta be 50+ and live in the middle of nowhere with zero commute

  29. Age 25-30 for me and cheap ever since. Need a good record. I had tickets but minor ones at that

  30. You're right. Its classic nimbys walking the line....

  31. You're already as good as merged. Ion is the baby. Time to get married to raise it.

  32. You should look up what non critical means legally in your state. I'm most states, literally any maintenance within your home must be completed within 30 days or the state can and will start punishing your landlord. They tried the same shit with me and i just started sending in "this is my notice of request for repair, if you do not comply within a reasonable timeframe i will get an outside quote and speak with the state AG"

  33. Not everyone lives in a state or the united states and laws vary greatly.

  34. The city should take care of clearing sidewalks .. Create jobs city.. We pay lots of money in taxes .. Let's get something back for that.

  35. The city of guelph clears sidewalks. As of today they still haven't gone down my street 24 hours after the snow stopped

  36. Here are the ISO paper sizes as determined by the International Standards Organization

  37. The scariest part for me— and what many other people may not understand— is that anyone who rents this bedroom is considered a boarder. From my lived experience and understanding, a boarder is someone who rents a room and shares a kitchen and bathroom with other people. Do you know how many rights a border has? Effectively none. The homeowner can change the locks with all your belongings inside with zero notice and I’m not sure if there’s much recourse for the boarder. A boarder is not protected by The Landlord and Tenant Act as the boarder is not considered a tenant.

  38. I use Dr. Raj at downey now. He is wonderful and an absolute treasure. He diagnosed and treated my cats infection immediately, after Kortright misdiagnosed it repeatedly. His appointment fees are half the price, and he genuinely seems to care about the animals. My experience has been like night and day between the two.

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