1. That's an inchworm caterpillar. The potter wasp paralysed it and then sealed it in the nest with an egg and left it as food for it's grub.

  2. For some context this is in the Tampa Florida area. It rains every afternoon this time of the year. I agree if the lens wasn’t blurred there would be an explanation but as a skeptic it’s the first I’ve been perplexed in a long time. Especially since it’s from someone who I perceive as truthful.

  3. “Rose gold seat on a fucking helicopter Double C, no Chanel, 'cause she bad, bad, bad” was stuck in my head for a month when this dropped.

  4. Always nice seeing your neck of the woods pop up on this sub. That stretch of 41 is always a shitshow..

  5. 41 from the bridge to Burnt Store gotta be on high alert.

  6. I'm more than a man, I'm a God, Bitch, touche, en garde

  7. Semen… is just another kind of milk produced by the testicle gland of a man.

  8. Damnit now I wanna see the original.

  9. Hope you get well soon and your tendon heals back to full... Its really lucky that it didn't go down to the ligaments

  10. Spot on! Apparently the ortho just opens the pre-existing wound, does their thing, and buttons me back up.

  11. You guys do know there's a difference between heroin and heroine, right? Did I miss something?

  12. Ngl prior to your comment I never even thought of it but you are absolutely right.

  13. Thanks man putting like 20-30min before a game. Wish I would’ve started training sooner.

  14. The people that didn't vaccinate their kids will scream the loudest at this policy.

  15. Ya I’m having my first kid, walked into the OB office and this is on the door. 12 months before you can get the vaccine.

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