1. As if you thought we would read all of that. Nope.

  2. Ask grandma if she went to Camp Trin-Trin

  3. Thx thought maybe she was an old friend

  4. lol i would love to see an ice sculpting competition happen on this sub, i say we all go for it.

  5. Snowman competition on February 1!

  6. I’ve seen more posts on her than on him, so I think Reddit is doing its share to make sure she is known

  7. So, to be honest you sound kind of codependent. And if you are codependent it makes it really hard to let go of the sorts of people that one estranges. Stop thinking about the intellectual arguments on either side, and admit to yourself how you feel about it. You get to take care of you. Other people are responsible for themselves.

  8. We don’t. We just ignore it and run away from it.

  9. Another red flag is people who are sucking energy off of you. Sometimes those people are very nice, but they are very needy. These could be just as bad for codependent people as the more narcissistic type. Keep an eye out for them

  10. Because there's a cheaper and more reliable way to get new sheep.

  11. No f&cking way. That’s so cool

  12. As an older gen X, this is where the flintstones jumped the shark.

  13. Sounds like many men’s wet dream

  14. Even dogs have learned to understand our language & comprehend what we say. Humans haven’t learned any other species communication at all. We aren’t as intelligent as some humans think we are.

  15. I think I understand my dog as well or better than he understands me

  16. Beautiful. The light colors give it a real illusion of spaciousness too

  17. Man the Europeans/Americans can't ever be happy for brown people. Like chill people. It was a good thing for their team. Let them have this.

  18. I highly doubt it’s the Americans putting down on this. Americans don’t care about soccer

  19. My mother always has a pain to look on her face when she says the words I love you to me. It’s like she hast to force them out.

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