1. Ahhhh I am so nervous- What do you guys think our chances actually are?

  2. I swear my opinion is not biased by my ethnicity, but if I say it, people will think that’s the reason-

  3. Perhaps they needed to screw over both Armenia and Azerbaijan to placate both broadcasters so that neither country could claim the EBU/BBC favoured the other?

  4. Okay what is the “Germany-South Caucasus Friendship Group” I can’t find any info about it and I am very curious

  5. Well, this is to take with a grain of salt, but a georgian friend (who i trust) says he had a chat with Giga, the song’s producer, and was told there would be no change at all. And that it was the point to have those lyrics look like they don’t make sense.

  6. Jan Jan in the finale of 2009. I’m part of the Armenian diaspora and before then, I didn’t have much knowledge or connection with the homeland. I would have been 6 or 7 at the time and I remember turning to my father and saying “I want to vote for them!!” He replied, “Well Hana, you know we’re Armenian, right?” I was just so amazed and happy that I was in some way related to that performance

  7. I’m someone the song hasn’t clicked with (yet) and tbh I feel like with how strong the semi is, they’re almost a certain non qualifier. Good staging could really elevate it, especially if better songs have bad staging. I think if Czechia doesn’t improve on their live performance, it has a much better chance. Idk I feel like even at its best, it’s going to require other songs to be at their worst if it’s going to have a shot

  8. I feel like I have certain countries I always root for. And those countries are Armenia (obviously), Georgia, and Portugal. Armenia's the only one I have any connection to, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. This is so cool! I’ve been doing some research on Armenian religious organization and history, so do you have any sources or books you recommend?

  10. After 3 sneezes I say "begone, vile demon! The power of Christ compels you!".

  11. I was literally just thinking about Armenian football and that upcoming Turkey match haha

  12. I know it. I'm different. Am I actually famous in this subreddit for enjoying Solo?

  13. I do kind of like it as a song, but I’m forced to hate it on principle because of how it “won” and how Blanka has been acting

  14. Why tho? I mean, i have quite a lot of love for Armenia, but that's because I'm a huge SoaD fan.

  15. Honestly I don’t have a specific reason- I’m a huge history nerd and in doing deep dives into Armenian history, I ended up learning a lot about Portuguese history too (there’s actually a surprising amount of historical contact between the two) and that led me into looking into Portuguese food, music, culture, etc

  16. Wait what, why? Portugal and Armenian historical connection? Aside from hosting the "Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian" (the entity who regulates Western Armenian), i don't know of any historical connection between the two. And I'm "well versed" on Portuguese history.

  17. Okay so there’s the expected interactions involving the Catholic Church and Armenia very much not being part of the Catholic Church and all the drama with the Byzantine empire, but what I find most interesting was during the European age of exploration. So Portugal was trying to conquer the Indian Ocean bc the Ottoman Empire shut down the spice trade. By this time, Armenia was part of the Ottoman Empire, but was kind of allowed to do it’s own thing. While Armenia initially welcomed the European/Christian presence in the area, it soon became apparent that Portugal was indeed capable of taking over the Indian Ocean, which would not be profitable for Armenia. So Armenia worked with the Gurjarti kingdoms to try to oust Portuguese presences out of India and the surrounding areas. The most successful was in Malacca until Portugal conquered it. And then Portugal conquered one of the most important ports for Armenian sea trade, Hormuz. Armenia was like “Uhhh Portugal, sorry for Malacca, could we please still use Hormuz…?” And Portugal agreed, but also started recruiting Armenians to spy for them against the Ottoman Empire. Then things kind of continued on the micro level like that—cycling between conflict and cooperation—for the next few centuries. Also of course Portugal and others missionized the crap out the Cilicia region which led to the birth of the Armenian Catholic Church.

  18. That was my first thought and it doesn’t help that I am currently on the verge of spiraling back into the series 😭

  19. Btw there’s a really good Georgian restaurant in the DC area that actually has proper khachapuri

  20. The one I’ve been to is Supra and it’s super good—a little expensive tho

  21. I just appreciate that the 3 songs are not written by any swedish, dutch etc. songwriters but either themselves or someone from their country.

  22. Me too! I noticed that Armenia especially seems to have a majority female team behind the song and music video, which makes me happy

  23. well,atleast one of us have good song. and to be honest if it was Azerbaijan or Armenia i wouldnt surprise but this year is Georgia that have good song. Armenia and Georgia going grand final and to be honest being in semi final 2 will help both too. its easy,about LAND Of FIRE. Oh yeah,we fucked. We cant go to grand final with that song. even good staging can save us. Good luck you guys in May.

  24. It’s a shame because I really like your song this year, it’s just maybe not the best for Eurovision

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