1. I wouldn’t give the Ricketts much credit for why the area around Wrigley is the way it is. If anything they are taking a play out of Reinsdorfs playbook and taking control of as much of the area as they can.

  2. I was just down there for the Christmas stuff with the kids and my brother knows one of the Ricketts through some nonprofit work or something and they are planning more stuff. From a business standpoint it makes a lot of sense to figure out how to monetize the property the 284 days it's not being used for baseball. Bringing people in for events also helps the other businesses around. I dont think they'll have the same lock as Reinsdorf since the area is densely packed with bars and restaurants already it was going to be a bigger draw than just going to a game at Guaranteed Rate, unless they start buying up more properties that is. I had friends with Cubs season tix and sometimes they didnt even make it into the game because they were having too much fun at the Cubby Bear.

  3. I guess I worded it poorly. What I mean is side of the country. For example, Vladivostok is in the least populated side of Russia, and Iqaluit is in the least populated side of Canada. With almost every single country on Earth, the most populous state is on the side of the country with the most people. This does cause some interesting political issues with California being separated from most of the country by very sparse areas of mainly mountains and desert.

  4. State boundaries are arbitrary BOGSAT creations. Draw a state the size of California covering New England to Virginia and viola the largest population is part of the more populated side of the country. The rest is geography people like to live on coasts. The US grew east to west so it would stand to reason the east would be more populous. The middle of the country between Dallas and Denver is inhospitable temperature-wise and not really great for farming so you dont have the small cities popping up that support the surrounding farmland.

  5. I dove right into Fuji when I wanted to upgrade from a digital Rebel. I initially wanted to go full frame mirrorless, but when I got to the costs it was going to get out of control fast, and I'm a light hobbyist. I wanted good photos of the kids, vacations and the like, so the Fujis made sense from a cost and size perspective. I think the image quality is there. You might not be able to crop a deep into an image and still get a large print like a full frame, but frame it right to start and its excellent.

  6. That lot is stupid small, the only thing you could build on that is a freestanding townhouse. I used to live in a townhouse that was 22x30, on an 2500 sq ft lot, that still had 20 ft setback, it was an end unit so I had 10 ft of lot on one side.

  7. I'd say you have to look at it based on the rules of society. Shadowrun is a game where corporations through Mr. Johnsons hire criminals to attack other corporations and assume the other corps are doing the same. If guards get killed by Shadowrunners, its a cost of doing business and making too much of a stink about it would probably bring light to that corps own use of runners to murder guards at another corporation. Granted the higher up the food chain you go the more consequences could befall the runners, but ultimately the goal would be to find out which other corp did the hiring because the runners are just the tools, they arent making these plans on their own. The extraterritorial nature of corps also means that it's not like there could be some government official that could decide to pursue charges on their own.

  8. I use Illustrator almost exclusively for my day job, and I can't fathom using it on a tablet. I dont even use my Wacom drawing tablet with Illustrator because many of the tools require a second key input to modify the tool, plus I use a lot of right click or the scroll wheel to get to things quickly. A pen tablet or a iPad would be good for raster work, but when working with vectors I'm team mouse/keyboard.

  9. I think that makes you the bottom sergeant?

  10. That is not a car, the best selling car in the US is the Toyota Camry.

  11. By American car standards, yes, it’s considered a compact SUV, anything smaller gets labeled sub-compact and tends to fill a really niche market.

  12. My heart says jestpack, but knowing myself I would fly head first into the nearest building without supervision.

  13. A jestpack, I guess you could try to distract them with humor, but most of the force users,on both sides, don’t seem to be an exceptionally jovial bunch.

  14. As a liberal who moved from Florida to Wisconsin, can other people please move here? We are so close to not being a shithole. It’s actually quite beautiful and you can still find affordable housing in the smaller towns.

  15. Yeah but then they have to move someplace besides Milwaukee and Madison because the GOP gerrymandered that state so completely that I think in 2016 they had supermajority in the state house on like 46% of total votes, if I remember correctly, it’s “better” now that they have a supermajority on 55% of the vote.

  16. I just got back into D&D after a 20 year break and am playing a ranger right off the bat. Not too difficult to pick up. Plus there are a ton of YouTube videos breaking down the subclasses and how to build one out. The only “tricky” part is deciding when is the best time to use one of the limited spells you have.

  17. As people have pointed out the electrical piece is pretty easy to bypass, we’ve got a couple switches in my house that we want to generally keep in or off, so we just bought these magnetic covers. They’re barely noticeable on the paddle style switches.

  18. I mean everyone's talking about most powerful, but the question was most capable in 1v1 combat. That's pretty clearly right at the point when Obi-wan has the high ground. After that its all downhill.

  19. I like them as a starting point. I tend to shoot RAW and then apply the simulations in Lightroom before tweaking some more. I tend to use Velvia for outdoor things with the kids and Pro Neg Hi or Classic Chrome for everything else.

  20. I suppose I ought to start shooting raw and try them a bit.

  21. I followed instructions on a google search, and got the film simulations into Lightroom. It brings them in under Color Profile. So you can play with them during post processing. Some people have said they arent exactly the same as doing it in camera, but I think thats getting into a bit of pixel peeping territory.

  22. Except that Disney's revenue stream isnt 70% comics.

  23. The number I heard was WOTC was 20% of sales but 70% of Hasbro's profit margins

  24. I'm pretty sure the Korans says Muslims can lie to non-believers if they are under threat of persecution so I see no issues in lying to believers to avoid persecution.

  25. I think poor editing or explanation of rules, in general, can add to complexity, even when the "crunch" of the rules is mechanically the same.

  26. Full disclosure I think the last SR I played was 2e, maybe a little 3e, so all the new rules on dice pools and losing dice and a success is a 5 or 6, all seem to add to my confusion.

  27. Lol maybe they could’ve sped up to avoid the accident but deserve to be cited? They did nothing illegal

  28. Driving in the left lane when not passing is explicitly against the law in several states, and most have keep right except to pass guidance. So this guy actively slowing down to not complete the pass is probably a citable offense, depending on the state.

  29. Ruck-mowing the lawn is a go-to during mowing season.

  30. If we’d get the snow I’d consider ruck shoveling.

  31. You have clear advice on systems (though I am a sucker for 2e where most of my playing was done). What I want to tell you is shadowrun is the best game I have played in terms of world and themes.

  32. I played a ton of 2e and haven’t really played since then, just got back into D&D with my high school gaming group over zoom and would love to get back into SR but I barely recognize the rules. The lore was so deep and the big prewritten adventures like Harlequin, Dunkelzhan, etc. were great.

  33. You open your door for people you dont know? Get a video doorbell. Unless they're making a delivery it's not getting opened.

  34. I was looking at the 18-55 for a bit less than $300. Also interested in the 27mm and 35 f/1.4 but not sure I want to shell out for those yet. The f2 trio looks good too. Any recommendations?

  35. If you’re looking at the 18-55 I’d say just get the kit for $1300 rather than finding everything used. If you’re going with the X-T30 then I would avoid the XC lenses because they don’t have the aperture ring you start running out of controls because the X-T30 doesn’t have the ISO dial that the X-T4 has. I’d only spend the money if you really needed the weather sealing or IBIS, otherwise the smaller size makes it really easy to toss in a bag and head out.

  36. I’d drill small holes on the edges of that bump out to see if it’s steel stud or wood. Then hang a 3/4” board that spans the bump out using toggle bolts or screws depending if it’s steel or wood. Paint the board to match the wall and then attach the tv mount to that board.

  37. There are better boot polishes than Kiwi, I used to use this stuff on my dress boots when I was in the army.

  38. "Deep dish for tourists" is one of the most frustratingly made up redditisms

  39. I grew up in the suburbs, and recently moved back after basically 20 years away. We had a Lou's in town and we really only went there occasionally, usually for sports team parties. We were much more a Rosatis and Jakes thin crust family, but as a treat I love a pizza that is 100% covered with sheet of sausage.

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