1. The best 6-APB in the world as a first roll. Watched Boss Baby on the come up and spent the entire night having all kinds of sex/conversation with my best friend, doing both at the same time. They had conked out after six hours and I blew chunks by the seventh.

  2. It looks fake to my laymen eye. I will say, however, that I took a photo of a guy in a full nazi uniform on the NYC subway late last year and posted it in the NYC sub and there was one person who was vehemently arguing that it was an AI generated photo with detailed analysis as to how it couldn’t be real. I took the photo myself, so it was just a bizarre experience seeing someone with some technical knowledge and a preconceived position arguing against reality so strenuously.

  3. They expanded it to include cars, houses etc. in 1984?!

  4. YES. this is exactly how it was meant to go. you took the precautions, reached out to the world on reddit, took things into consideration, and had the incredible experience that you did. this is what it is all about.

  5. who else saw that wacky twitter thread a lil bit ago?

  6. exactly the same behavior which caused the epidemic that's supposedly being taken care of here. pretty ironic: in doing this, they are STILL directly profiting from the opioid crisis.

  7. I think he has some really interesting things to say. I'm nowhere near his level but always had an interest in physics and the nature of quantum and classical systems. So I formed my own ideas and they are basically this;

  8. absolutely fantastic write-up. thank you. 🤯💞

  9. I need Slayton, who’s Giants WR1 playing the worst pass defense in the NFL, I need him to at least meet his mf projections

  10. This one is killing me. I have Slayton starting currently but for some reason I also have a heavy feeling about Hodgins. It's a shot in the dark. I really want to switch them out and gamble.

  11. I was starting Goodwin to hit a ceiling play, but he is banged up. Now trying to pivot to another high O/U in Hodgins or Richie. Who do you like more?

  12. YO I'm sorry I didn't respond, hadn't checked my reddit until just now... I had them pretty much even going into it! I just had a feeling about Hodgins and although I questioned myself, I put him in right before kickoff in place of Slayton.

  13. I have Slayton starting currently but for some reason I felt good about Hodgins. I ended up doing a bit more research, here's what I came up with:

  14. Good enough for me! Made the move - after losing Deebo struggling for a decent play (3wr league)

  15. DID YOU DO IT?! I put him in 30min before kickoff and I'm going nuts rn.

  16. Had doors exactly like this that looked like two people. Creeped the shit out of me as a kid.

  17. my school had these cardboard filing boxes-- they had a mirrored woodgrain decal just like this & i saw the face of the devil in every single one.


  19. LOL, my friend tried to tell me how fast he could run a mile (before his knee injury) and I called him out, saying that would the fastest man on earth times, and he would be paid thousands of dollars to be a professional runner and an Olympic gold medalist. Did he reflect that perhaps he might be mistaken, and at 5'9" was in fact, not the fastest person on earth, helllllllll no, he doubled down like "well I used to do that every day"

  20. this one is a doozy, I think I know why he was so adamant. my guess: he was probably running on an elliptical. i remember running a five minute mile on one of thems as a tiny-legged 13 y/o with zero track prowess and thinking to myself, "no way i just did that". that's when I learned a mile on an elliptical, even moreso than a treadmill [which is also v different], is NOT AT ALL equal to doing it out in da field.

  21. Van Jefferson 100+ yds and 2 TD, one from Wolford and one from Mayfield, and after the second TD he celebrates by having Mayfield cup his hands in the endzone and peeing into said cupped hands. Baker will then throw the Van Peepee into the air like LeBron baby powder, capping the celly with a rainy lellow twist!

  22. I saw something that pretty much fits this exact description but I still don't know if I was just tripping that night...

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