1. honestly speaking, bakliwal is the only good option for jee in pune (being iitpk and prime secondly), my friend (2024) is in wiz batch and he pretty much has satisfactory results but its an problem if you're in a lower batch as they focus more on wiz

  2. tests de rha hoon bakilwal ka, 2nd ya 3rd batch mein bhi aa gya fir bhi reshuffling test mein tryhard karunga, lets see.

  3. Tune swargate vale Allen ke bare me bura suna hai kya

  4. no, PCMC wala branch, dusre branches ke liye 30-45 mins travel karna padega

  5. When you understand if a yoyo is thrown up it gotta come down

  6. all in one ya koi aur reference book ki pdf hai kisi ke paas, want to read before buying a paperback copy

  7. Bhai famous toh hai.Uske ek gaane pe around 70 million views hai.

  8. bhai woh gamer ke channel pe hai isliye, currently uske channel (full power) pe sirf 24k subs hai, views bhi 30-50k cross nhi karte

  9. guy completed his engineering and was looking to go out for higher studies and was about to start working in some firm here but wanted to rap and BR were the first one to initiate any conversation of him getting signed and he also wanted some feeling of security to move forward in rap.

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