Mental Weakness Is Promoted In Today's Society.

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  1. Appreciating that the best beers in Belgium you get from both Flanders and Wallonia. Which is what makes Belgium unique. Visit each other local events more. If everyone could speak a bit of dutch, french and english could also help.

  2. Not until we pull together as a species. Profits before people, tribalism, and all the other shitty stuff we do holds us back.

  3. Sadly and annoyingly difficult to work together with people who won't except basic science evidence. As is evident with last pandemic and climate change...

  4. We're using too many resources already, so no that won't work. Also some things like fresh water are ridiculously expensive to ship.

  5. Hey, I never said I did not like new music. I said that older music is better in my opinion.

  6. Boomers are lead intoxicated people when they grew up as a child.

  7. Read 'Humankind:a hopeful history' and about self-domestication theory. Perhaps it can reduce the misanthropy feeling.

  8. Elon has cancelled Ye on Twitter. So I guess that is mental weakness from Elon side ("The free speech absolutist")? Or are there exceptions in who or what may be cancelled?

  9. Since N-VA plays with the woke-train imported from America to get votes it more annoys me. Woke is a poorly defined word to induce a Pavlovian anger in a population. I don't like parties that actively tries to make people angry and tries to destroy any cooperation ("We (N-VA) maken ze (Vivaldi) kapot, ze hangen met spuug en paktouwen aan elkaar"). The party that creates distrust creates a lot of (economic) damages for the future. But they are very succesful in it, angry people vote for you is a succesful tactic, you don't actually want the people to feel happy now or you lose votes.

  10. Distrust (in government, Brussels, Wallonia, culture sector, certain immigrants etc) ruins social cohesion. A ruined social cohesion creates less local entrepreneurship (you will have less help/costumers/fundings from your locals or have less subsidies).

  11. Say no to N-VA kids, it causes anti-social brainrot.

  12. He's lucky the dude didn't beat the living piss out of him. After that throw, one could legitamately claim self-defense.

  13. He did it probably so he could clip it that POC are violent. So no violence was the best course.

  14. And where's he going to post it? Fuck it just self defense him into the ground.

  15. It’s a result of people trying to find a way of coping with all the anxiety they got from everything that has been going on over the last few years. Fear can do really strange things to people. It’s sad, really, and even more so because they just can’t see how distorted their thinking has become.

  16. And the strange thing is, in the past we should actually have more fears than now because there was more crimes, violence, wars, alcoholism and inequality. But people were more ignorant about the world then than now. For instance things like Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008, all the previous protests in Iran feels much farther than it would feel now.

  17. I'm quite certain that Western liberals hate you more. At least from what I've seen. Once they hear that Muslims do not think that LGBT is normal, they will become intolerant quite fast.

  18. If a friend of yours suddenly comes out as LGBT because he trusts you and knows you protect your friend no matter his orientation. A religious person (christian, muslim) comes to you and says your friend is not normal, he has damage in the brain, will you say "yeah indeed, my friend is weird and not normal" or would you be more protective of him or would you just ditch him?

  19. I guess central European nations like Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium.

  20. moesten de mensen nu ook zo eens reageren op religie en extreem links zouden we een betere wereld hebben...

  21. Ik ken moslims die zich langzaam zo beginnen comfortabel vinden in het vrije systeem dat ze ook beginnen wijn te drinken etc. Is het goed dat ik hen nog steeds uitscheld als islamfascist dan omdat ze nog moslims zijn en bidden of is het beter dat we ze welkom laten voelen en dat stricte religie na een tijd vanzelf begint verwaterd te geraken?

  22. I don't think that JB Peterson ever said something remotely close to that

  23. He's breadcrumbing you towards the path thinking women are inherently inferior. "Chaos, the eternal feminine" is a literal quote from his book '12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos'. Then he sugarcoats it by saying 'oh it's not my idea it is 1000s of years old as evident by Yin & Yang (and proceeds explaining Yin Yang while not understanding it since Yin or Yang never represented order or chaos to begin with. His version of Taoism is coated with christianity).

  24. JBP is someone who "monetizes of sjws" (literally his quote).

  25. Yea, everyone who votes for VB is dumb. I’m so smart!

  26. Or at least less likely to be well informed. If 1 in 1000 moroccans riot (which means 99.9% don't) and then say that all Moroccans are like that then you're very easily influenced by mass media.

  27. When people have it generally good, they don't need JBP. So he reaches out to countries where life is harder to squeeze out more cash.

  28. When I first moved to Brussels I said I didn’t like it and the best quote I heard was “if you don’t like Brussels it means you don’t know Brussels”. I now use this towards people who have the same attitude that I had.

  29. Some expats don't like it. Most Flemish love to hate on it. The majority of people in Brussels like the city though and although there are a lot of negative posts on this sub, i find the comments often pretty positive about their experience here

  30. I'm Flemish not living in Brussels and I like Brussels. There is an atmosphere of social connection there. Flanders has to go through the fog of bad news to see it.

  31. In nature, tribes live on average with 15-20 hour workweeks (hunting and gathering) with all the luxury we have now, we are forever stuck with less leisure than primitive tribes and they don't even think about what a better life could be, most have everything they wanted: social cohesion.

  32. Bunch of entitled little shits who grew up with golden spoons in their mouths so they went for hashish, weed, shisha and all other kind of drugs, their most favorite hobby is to get hammered and destroy property, this is the fault of their filthy mothers and fathers who didn't educate these assholes, and also the fault of the European laws who bans the parents from beating up the kids, so these kids have grown without getting their ass kicked when they first started doing that shit.

  33. I think the most shitty people are the once who were beaten and destroyed by their parents and will grow up thinking that violence is the answer to everything

  34. These kind of hooligans decapitated a giant christmas bear in Liège as well

  35. If 40 rioters ruin the image of more than 100000 citizens, then I'm sorry but it's not our fault. it's just racist.

  36. The problem is, how would you think the people (many stupid people in the world) would generalize if it were 40 Belgians destroying stuff in Rabat or Casablanca everytime again during football with them involved. It would be quite difficult to remove the image of Belgians = hooligans.

  37. Just gonna throw this here because your statement about First world countries welcoming Moroccans (or any other nationality really ) is making my brain twirl in pain.

  38. I think after a long while it will lead to more mutual understanding. Western EU is now connecting to Eastern EU, even if it was first just free trade agreements but student exhanges will make mutual understandings better. I hope this will be the case for Morocco and the rest of the world as well. It will be hard though, because European countries are not always liked that well though outside Europe. Best regards from Belgium.

  39. Sadly, this is major news all over television and radios in Belgium. Far-right and anti-immigration parties will gain votes due to this in Belgium. They will put these clips on repeat until next elections. While these are probably not 1st generation immigrants but 2nd, 3rd..

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