1. FF8 isn't a long story as it is. Minus some attempts at padding (tomb of the unknown king, anyone?) the entire story can be told in just a few story beats:

  2. As someone else mentioned, originally, Laguna's part was supposed to take up just as much time as the main storyline - if that was the case, the game could easily be longer.

  3. Oh definitely; it is something from the 90s in general. People expect X hours of gameplay from a game, and developers are expected to pad to reach those X hours of gameplay.

  4. I understand why it feels that way because she definitely becomes the heart of the party, but I'm just talking in seriously, stripped-to-the-bones fashion. For 7, the original cast was just Cloud, Aerith, Barrett, and Red, iirc. (That's why there's so little Amano art of anyone other than them and Sephiroth, the cast didn't really expand like it did until after most of the concept art was done) It's been a long time since I did all my reading on it, but Tifa, while created before Aerith even, got scrapped in favor of Aerith at first. Again, iirc, one of the developers (Kitase I think?) said that for him, he wanted a story where the main male and female character who would normally live through a whole adventure and be lovers, he liked the idea that one of them actually doesn't make it. And that would be Aerith. (This was all after the story went through its different iterations before the "first" one that still didn't include Tifa and Cid... like the Aerith and Sephiroth being siblings, then lovers, then neither - but I digress.)

  5. If that's your plan idk if I would announce it here, but maybe that's just me

  6. This is genuinely infuriating, and it only becomes more so each time I read more. The decoy is SO CLEARLY not interested, and he just keeps trying to force her into sexual maturity way before she's ready - he's a truly disgusting human. The decoy practically beats him over the head with the message that she is a child who isn't thinking that way, and he just... ugh. I hate him. I fucking hate this guy.

  7. Shana's Dragoon magic abilities are ridiculous but in regular combat she's really just the default magic user/healer. Your best bet is to have her attack normally during regular battles (the more she attacks the more SP she builds up and the more her dragoon level goes up) and then use her to spam magic attacks against bosses. She's definitely powerful but she's also not exactly fun to use in my opinion.

  8. Agreed. As a kid I liked Shana and wanted her in my party, but it's so boring to use her I could never keep up with it. Rose and Meru are a lot more fun.

  9. Press ons tend to make my nails look like this as well. Granted, my nails are horribly thin and naturally awful, and of course everyone’s nails are different and OPs may be able to handle press ons where mine cannot. I just wanted to throw that out there in case 💛

  10. I found the design of Ferris Wheel Press is quite unique, plus they have many cool colors!!

  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again - FWP has some lovely colors (and yes a really cool bottle), but I stopped buying from them after I found out that they screwed over their supportive customers. Iirc they offered some perks for donations to a crowdfund when they were still growing, and they never actually made good on their promises (so people who donated got nothing). After working in customer service for years, it puts a bad taste in my mouth when companies pull things like this, especially at the start.

  12. Damn, did not know that. Their Alice in Wonderland collection inks are beautiful, but eye-wateringly expensive here in Europe. About 35 euros for 30ml of ink is too damn expensive.

  13. Oof, that's quite a price hike! Almost double? I know, taxes and all, but still. I hope knowing the stunt they pulled now makes it easier to pass on their products.

  14. Heeey, I saw this in the FB group! Great work, I can't wait to see you continue these!

  15. Ohhhh yes, this helps so so much!! Thank you, it's super amazing of you to do this for me. I truly appreciate your help.

  16. Hi hi, me again! I still can't stop thinking about this pen, and I wanted to ask, how wet of a writer is it? I always thought I'd get my first Sailor in an EF because I love the extreme EFs on Japanese pens, but this pen looks like it might be more fun to indulge in my multishading inks with, and I do like M nibs too... do you have an EF Kakuno and EF Sailor, by any chance? If so, are the lines equally fine? Because if they are, I've got plenty of Kakunos to scratch my EF itch... decisions decisions, haha.

  17. Hi there! I'm the one whose post you just got tagged in, and since two people referenced me here... I'm looking at this pen as my possible first Sailor, and I was hoping I could get your insight? Your photos are lovely, and I can already see from your post that the glitters aren't nearly as chunky as I worried they might be by stockist photos. I didn't really want my first Sailor to have glitter - in fact, when I saw the new Manyo Willow, I thought surely that was "it." I liked the Mermaid, but I thought, maybe it's too much? And with the glitter... if it wasn't too much, it must be now, haha. BUT! Then I looked at the nibs side by side, and Mermaid's makes the Willow's instantly more underwhelming. Plus I really want the anchor on the finial; not a big fan of the Willow's. What I'm really looking for is my wedding colorway in a pen... and honestly, Mermaid's fits that better too. So - that glitter. How pretty is it in person?

  18. I am incredibly stressed out that I can't find an answer on the internet anywhere

  19. Furni, Donau or Fletz. Always liked the Wingly forest too. And Shirley's temple, if it was up and running.

  20. That's awesome! I thought her attention to detail was pretty advanced. I'm glad that you encourage her - I had a neighbor artist criticize me harshly around that age, and I didn't draw for a long time. She's got a lot of talent, I hope she keeps going!

  21. She wants to go into fashion design. She doesn’t have arts class because she is in a dance program, but she draws a lot on the side. She is not afraid to try anything. She makes jewels, she makes clay stuff, she plays with fabrics…. She is very artsy.

  22. Awww, so amazing! Tell her (if you're comfortable and if it will boost her confidence) that this random Sailor Moon fan thinks she's got a lot of talent and she'll go far! And SM's a great place to start for fashion inspo :)

  23. Oh good idea! I should try that ink again. I had it in a Lamy Al Star before but I find Lamys to evaporate more quickly, causing the color to darken. I should try it with the Sailor and it’s better seal.

  24. Have you tried Vinta Periya? It might not be spot on, but without having the pen in hand, I think it'd be a nice match. Went through my old school Tomoe swatch book and that stood out to me as a good possibility. I don't like to support Ferris Wheel Press generally since they screwed their crowdfunding backers, but I think Three Steamboats or Morningside Mint would be pretty - maybe even mixed together? Or Van Dieman's Swallowtail Butterfly? Might be too yellow for jade... OH! Kobe 60 Lijinkan Mint??

  25. Chunkier? You mean the full size ones? I'm have the black hole full size one(black and yellow) and it sparkles, but it's not an in yer face sparkle. It's very understated. I don't really think it adds to or takes away anything about the pen.

  26. Sorry, I meant the chunkier glitter vs. the finer glitter. The black hole is really beautiful.

  27. I'm right there with you. Cool design, but I can't get over the Electra Complex storyline. Didn't help that I deeply hated young Chibiusa when I was a child, so there was nothing for me to root for. Honestly I think that's why child me lost interest in the show for a while.

  28. Do you think so? I'm not sure, I think she might be sincere...

  29. Imo, if she was sincere, she would have called H&M out by now, and would have called out Leo DiCaprio too instead of just fangirling and taking pics with him.

  30. Yeah. I'm autistic too and her complete passion is just what I was like at 16. Also, I haven't seen her be desperate for the spotlight either. I can't see how she can let their private jet habit go without comment so I hope she is sincere.

  31. This was over 15 years ago, but yes. That's what makes it so painful to recall.

  32. I wonder where all this Astarion hate comes from. He's almost universally better as a rogue than one you can make yourself. Or could it be one's fragile heterosexuality can't handle a little kiss to the neck? (though I prefer playing female characters myself so I'm not the one to judge)

  33. Idk, but I joked once about how you can't mention the dude without people jumping in to say they kill him every time, and... well it didn't go well for me, haha.

  34. Oh no! I bought a pack of these last year and never even thought to test them (I may have too many pens. Oops.) Most Jinhaos I've tried have been surprisingly reliable. Or at least had a surprisingly nice flow of ink - I'll admit some of the "fancy" looking ones do leak or dry out quickly.

  35. He reprised the voice in 2016 for the Dragonspear expansion that Beamdog made but someone told me he didn’t voice him in the Neverwinter MMO? Did the mmo come after Dragonspear?

  36. Sorry, do you mean Neverwinter Nights, or just Neverwinter? I played the latter for years, I think into 2015, but I don't remember a Minsc expansion... unless maybe I do? I don't think I do. Idk.

  37. I’ve been trying to pry info out of one of the other main VAs, but he’s not telling me either way.

  38. I feel like replacing Cummings for Minsc would be like replacing Charles Martinet with Chris Pratt as Mario.

  39. Good thing they are optional so I can skip them again.

  40. Who were your main companions? Why u no like Jaheira? I like her because she's mean to Aerie. But ik Aerie's a lot of people's waifu, so maybe I just answered my own question. (Also I'm not the one who downvoted you, I actually upvoted)

  41. I bet quite a lot of people romanced her, I mean I will when I get around to playing the game. So you being apparently surprised is amusing to me.

  42. Jaheira's not as cold as Viconia, and she's not a poofy ditz like Aerie. Jaheira is the obvious choice, imo.

  43. I'm trying to figure out if they're quotes from the show or if they're genuine, original comments

  44. I don’t like when people impose their “I’m a hugger person”.

  45. I used to always try to hug people I just met, but I'd ask first - 'would you like a hug?' etc. And when someone finally said 'no', I respected that, and then reconsidered that maybe there was something I was doing wrong, not that that person was a cold hard bitch for not wanting my hug. And I'm on the autistic spectrum! (Which is honestly the reason I went for hugs to begin with - I was seeking out ways to show I was friendly. All it took was that one person to show me it wasn't the best strategy.)

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