1. It’s the kind of insane logical leap that almost makes me think it was a troll pretending to be a feminist

  2. I said childbirth by its nature involves men so lots of conversations on the show involve men too, this violating the spirit of the Bechdel test.

  3. Oh you're referring to that bechdel test post which I found so bizarre because the show is literally all about experiences that are unique to women. Sure sometimes they have sub-plots involving men but it's not a majority of the show. If you reversed genders for the bechdel test, I think the results would be interesting.

  4. That was my post, which everyone appeared to purposefully misunderstand so I took it down. No one was reading the question or answering in the spirit intended. My point wasn't that the show isn't feminist (I never said that), nor was my point that the Bechdel test is feminist in nature (it isn't) but that it had many characters having conversations that didn't just revolve around the same ol' stereotypical things like men, babies, etc. and that was refreshing to me.

  5. Angie j and Steven Assanti. I don't deny Steven and Justin had a crappy upbringing I just think Steven wasn't a reliable narrator of his weight loss journey

  6. Overly restrictive parenting and overly permissive parenting are both bad, IMO, and neither prepare a kid for a healthy life going forward. Steven Sr. seemed to be both and neither, which ALSO messes you up as a kid because you have no consistency and don't know how to act.

  7. It was when she was seeking drugs, I'm sorry. That whole spiel was...a lot and hard to follow because she said her Dad was so abusive but she was super close with him?

  8. In abuse situations some children unfortunately and unintentionally end up picking a side. It's an act born of self-protection and abuser manipulation. If what Angie said was true, she sided with the abuser to avoid being subject to it herself.

  9. The difference in self-awareness in the participants and family members of M600PL and its British counterparts astounds me. Why aren't the Brits as clueless and avoidant? Is it the culture, the educational system?

  10. Fat Doctor might be the closest equivalent. Beware, though: the doctor says "tummy button" and "gullet" to describe anatomy. Cringe!

  11. Honestly, some people are just assholes. I would try not to stress it too much, but like some others have said, I would speak to your manager about it if you haven’t already and let them know this wasn’t your first …lovely encounter with him.

  12. If your manager talked to this customer and she'd ask how you were racist, it'd quickly become clear the customer is nuts.

  13. I had someone call me racist at an old job because I didn't have an extensive historical knowledge of Black creatives in the items we sold, outside of new product lines we specifically had to keep current on. I was just stunned, probably muttered an apology, and quietly completed the transaction.

  14. Funny thing, a home built in 1923 is now a century home, and as the time progresses, we are going to see a lot more century homes that are closer to current building standards.

  15. Exactly. My home was built in 1920. Technically a century home. It's not a cute, remarkable Victorian or Queen Anne or even an interesting Craftsman. It's just...a house? Not sure what style it is.

  16. Also "lives in an area where most homes are old and needing repair, so any house they buy will be 100+ years old".

  17. This. 70+% of the stock here was built between 1900-1930. They're not all cute, well-maintainted Craftsmens with untouched wood trim, built-ins, and hardwood floors laid out in a way that suits modern life. They were built well, but spartan, because they were meant to be cheap. The kitchen is somehow long but still lacks counterspace. The basement steps are so steep I don't feel safe bringing anything heavy downstairs, so no "bonus room" for me. The electricals are a disheartening mishmash of disconnected k+t, BX and Romex with no rhyme or reason as to what's on what circuit. And it only has 1 functioning closet. For all that, she has been dutifully maintained so she keeps me dry, warm and pest-free... but it's not a home to inspire comfort or joy to the modern heart.

  18. And? Why are you so bothered by it? It’s giving gatekeeping vibes.

  19. Having a differing opinion isn't gatekeeping. It's having a different opinion.

  20. It is gatekeeping. OP thinks someone dealing with a symptom of ADHD in a way that they don’t understand or like means that they are pathologizing ADHD. How would you feel if you shared a little anecdote about how you deal with a certain symptom of your ADHD and someone not only said that it doesn’t mean you have ADHD, but they villanized you? OP isn’t a doctor and can’t diagnose or question the diagnosis of someone else.

  21. I see that as a failure from OP with the drinks to explain WHY that's a symptom of ADHD. As someone else said, impulsivity and indecisiveness are symptoms so ordering 3 drinks because you can't decide makes sense. I can also see why our OP here was confused. There's a lot of "I do weird thing,.must be ADHD!" without explaining how or why it's ADHD and it just makes the condition seen like a collection of weird quirks.

  22. Same thing happened to me with the women's ADHD sub. I didn't like all the srlf-dx/pre-dx people cluttering up the place, which made me a gatekeeping monster.

  23. Say it louder for the people in the back, they probably ain’t even listening to any of the subs critique towards them tho.

  24. They also aren't listening because they have to wear their emotional support headphones at all times least they hear such unpleasant sounds as footsteps and people talking.

  25. I don't remember my abusers face, but I remember walking behind him from daycare. And I remember watching rescue 911.

  26. Are terminally Internet people physically incapable of existing without their headphones or nah? You rarely see a video without them...

  27. The irony here is that overeating/binge eating actuallycan be a form of self-harm so she's showing an example, just not the one she thinks she is...

  28. Mirelurk Kings because of the skin crawling noise they make. The first time I encountered them I almost turned the game off because their roar was so eerie.

  29. How have I never realised that Phyllis is also ella Khan 😮

  30. When she arrived on the show I was like "WHERE DO I KNOW YOU FROM?" I had to look her up, and yes, it was because she's Ella Khan.

  31. Gotta get them dustbin lids down the apples and pears and help em get a butcher's on some rhyming slang. Can tumble down the sink for a rosy after.

  32. Gotta get the kids down the stairs and help them get a look at some rhyming slang?

  33. She was also incredibly young. Teen pregnancy is rightfully discouraged even now because of the incredible burden of parenthood at a young age and the fact that you can’t financially support you and your child. Back then, I’m sure the stigma was even worse and in a time where your prospects as a woman were heavily reliant on getting married, having a baby young was not going to help.

  34. Plus, it's physically very dangerous for teen girls. Despite what some gross segments of society might say about how young women should have more children, teenage girls' bodies aren't fully developed and this physical immaturity means girls are more likely to experience prolonged labor, prolapses, fistulas, etc.

  35. I think that’s why I don’t understand and find it so appalling and don’t understand the choices she made because I grew up in a time where you wouldn’t be thrown out of your home or a job for becoming pregnant and not being married but your right I need to remember that during that time-that is was an life ending destroying thing.

  36. In the UK and the US women could be fired for getting pregnant, get evicted, etc. Married women were expected to leave their jobs, or were fired. In the US, women couldn't have lines of credit in their own name until the 70s. So what were you supposed to do? You get fired, you get evicted, and you can't even get a credit card or buy a home on your own. The entire situation was socially constructed to force women down certain paths in life.

  37. Peaky Blinders is absolutely amazing. It's a unique, person-driven drama surrounding a crime family in post-WW1 Birmingham, England, starring the most excellent Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Tom Hardy, and more. The pilot episode is slow and a little weird (IMO) but give the show a chance. It deals with very real historical issues, not the least of which was all these young men returning from the brutality of World War I to the impoverished streets of northern England...

  38. Father Brown, Death in Paradise for a mystery genre. Father Brown is also historical.

  39. I'm assuming their client area is within a 5-mile radius, which is a perfectly comfortable range for riding. I do sympathize with them having to ride single speeds on cobblestones, though! But their exclusive use of bicycles to get around is such an endorsement for dense urban planning and person-powered transportation. It's honestly my favorite part of the show and makes me pine for a type of development that most of America abandoned 70 years ago...

  40. I was on the cusp of an overweight BMI as a very fit state ranked swimmer in high school. It’s total crap for shorter muscular women, that’s for sure.

  41. Most men and women aren't Division ranked athletes like yourself or Katie Ledeke...

  42. On the extreme ends, BMI seems a better predictor than bodyweight. I've seen (on the show) 800 lb people be mobile and I've seen 600 lb people be bedbound because the former were 6'3 and the latter were 5'0. Gender plays a role too, as men have more skeletal muscle.

  43. Hence my inclusion of Iris Kyle. Look her up. She's a bodybuilder for whom the complaint about not considering muscle would have merit. Everyone else complaining have nowhere near enough muscle mass to complain it tips them into the overweight or obese category.

  44. The other issue with 5-over-1 apartments with retail on the bottom is that no small business can afford it, especially since the landlord wants one or two large tenants to take up the whole space vs. several businesses in smaller units.

  45. Honestly I have yet to see any of them make anything vegan so there’s been nothing yet. Maybe we’ll eventually get a vegan on here and I’ll be able to experience what all y’all do lol

  46. I've seen plenty of overweight to obese vegans and vegetarians but there's no way you could eat enough guac and chips to become super morbidly obese. But who knows the limits of a vegan with BED and access to unlimited faux chicken nuggets?

  47. Not a recipe, but I’ve definitely thought about keeping a taco in my bag…

  48. One of our craftier subs needs to make a taco wallet or taco clutch so you can have purse tacos all the time.

  49. If you're over 70, drivers tests and eye exams should be annual and mandatory.

  50. Everyone should have to retest every 5 years. Plenty of young idiots on the roads. Where I live you have to get an eye exam everytime you renew your license.

  51. I feel bad for the guy because he probably works outside, and even though there were warnings, they forced him to work today

  52. That's what I was thinking. Why else would he have been in hi viz gear?

  53. So when are areas like Seattle who "never get ice like this" going to admit they do get ice like this, fairly regularly, and actually prepare for it? Climate change is real.

  54. Both, plus the city planners for putting an unprotected bike lane on a road like that.

  55. On the bright side at least you’re double fisting now 🍷🍷

  56. I don't understand either. I really wanted a condo or townhouse, but besides the fact that there aren't any reasonably priced THs in Minneapolis and none of the reasonably priced condos have in-unit W/Ds, the HOA fees were $300+ a month!!

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