1. I forgot this burger existed. There's the pattyless burger, the lettuce bun burger, and the burger with onion on top

  2. my first ever airship gave me lettuce, tomato, onion, lettuce. The vegan, gluten free burger.

  3. I think WOKE pat cummins must be BOOTED as his bowling increases MASTURBATION among cricket fans

  4. So Boomers think the Australian team is "too woke" cause of the Langer sacking and Cummins being against Alinta Energy? Nah if Boomers want "woke" let's give them a "woke" team to get angry at

  5. I donated blood recently all the snacks were Frito lay, Kellogg's and Nestle.

  6. I swear somebody needs to make ethical cereal. Uncle Toby’s is owned by Nestle here, and apparently Kellogg’s is pretty evil as well. Can we cereal in peace?

  7. Ok, maybe i did t get the Memo, what did kelloggs do?

  8. I’m not sure myself, but I’ve heard a lot of people hear recommend a Kellogg’s boycott.

  9. Cleveland line into the city will be the last to get it. Mark my words.

  10. jesus. apple just can’t win, can they ?

  11. all the credits from any player that used the super7 glitch will be taken away.

  12. It was an event that produced several hundred million credits every run, through an oversight in how the e-brake works. It was two pieces, a ramp and a pipe. You would park the provided Koenigsegg Jesko in a way that the front two wheels went over the ramp, onto the pipe. Then you would hold down your e-brake button for half an hour, reset your car’s position, and perform the stunt to pass the event.

  13. Khawaja is an outstanding cricketer. Hasn't looked rushed at the crease in years.

  14. Always wondered, is it worth buying the more expensive toothbrushes? I literally grab the cheapest multipacks lol.

  15. A good electric toothbrush is one of the best things you can do for yourself. $100+ might seem a lot, but you only have to replace the heads when they wear out, and you could never go back to a regular brush.

  16. Ah, right! That's good to know and honestly something I'll look into :). Gracias!

  17. What appears to be happening here is the collision of two clouds that then combine into one. What follows is known as a wall cloud, a type of funnel cloud that does not touch the ground, and has limited centrifugal rotation. Nice observation!

  18. We didn’t have the best marking accuracy, but our defensive 50 punches were good

  19. As a Christian, this family needs to remember that GOD SENT THE INSULIN TO SAVE THEM. It’s like the story where someone refused all methods of rescue, died, and God said that he sent them as his help.

  20. The Tunisian crowd is sensing a change in momentum and raising their voice

  21. luckily all my friends are super anti-nestle :) except for the occasional kitkat lovers, unfortunately. but yeah i openly make fun of whoever purchases nestle or kelloggs etc hahah it's fair game! there's countless other brands we can support.

  22. KELLOGGS? what have they done. Is there any cereal that isn’t awful?

  23. Why are Christians at fault here when the person identified as non binary and used pronouns “they, them”? Christians had nothing to do with this.

  24. OP said it early on. Christians were defending him and saying he was ‘doing God’s work’

  25. Thank you so much, I’ve been wanting to find some content creators for forza horizon 5 but I didn’t know what the scene is like for content creation for this game. Awesome to see some original ideas made into a video. I’ll check out the rest of his channel, if you have any other recommendations please let me know. Thank you!

  26. 🎵Australians all let us rejoice, For we are one and free;

  27. I’ve never been more honoured for my dumb backwards crash to be featured. People thought that I made a mistake with the orientation (easy mistake) but it was actually because someone went the wrong way in an FM7 online race that morning, and hit me exactly as you demonstrated. Thank you

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