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  1. Often times when 10q or 10k are late is because of a merger or acquisition.

  2. Goddamnit another thing to be hyped about

  3. Not fair, this comment can mean both ways.

  4. Lmao,, did u really just site credit suisse???? Oo they said they sold, must be over.

  5. Well Gabe Plotkin said he covered and he's doing fine now. Also, I'm a billionaire, trust me, I said so myself.

  6. Wait what was the biggest change? Shutting down underperforming stores?

  7. Get ready for the rug pull 😉😂

  8. No kidding. But they'll also be shooting themselves in the foot by dropping the price more than this.

  9. Rc did what last earnings? How have I missed this

  10. Wait...last earnings he bought more shares?

  11. They can’t beat the made up estimates from “analysts”

  12. Yeah it like never happens. Analysts are so optimistic about gamestop earning every quarter for some reason

  13. I found one in a hotel a couple of years ago. I had checked the whole place (molding, mattresses, furniture cracks) thoroughly and the only thing I could find was a few spotty brown stains on the inner mattress protector, behind a zipper, on just one of the beds. It was 3am and we had been driving cross country, but the hotel was a last resort (everywhere was booked) and kind of sketchy so I stayed awake on a chair for a while and kept the bags on the table in front of me.

  14. Yall are kind to not sleep at another hotel for concern of spreading the infestation

  15. I bet you something else was going on. Stalker or actual short term memory problems

  16. wiki-ped-ia is fine. Ped means feet, like in pedal

  17. Well the problem is wikipedia exists and its already a feet site

  18. Look around for the missing $1900

  19. Well at least you're not a geese because a geese are dumb.

  20. There is an old Bloomberg terminal screenshot.

  21. Why are there no more bloomberg terminal screenshots these days?

  22. How'd you guys like the Wagmi Games announcement? Bahaha im ded

  23. Could’ve been worse. They could have announced that they were all cashing out to become Paramore super fans.

  24. I would've actually preferred that ngl

  25. using those logos like that, only to show 1 person's past work experience, should be illegal

  26. Ahahaha that was so dumb! They added more and more of his work history for the hype. Maybe should've added a logo for Wendy's where he probably part-timed as a teen.

  27. Credit Suisse is scum of the financial world. Swiss government, you are embarrassing yourselves with this.

  28. Is there a reason why 5 top posts are about Credit Suisse? Aren't they just being taken over without any fundamental changes?

  29. Someone with connection like him will mostly get protection from Indian gang with some fees… I really hope that’s not the case and we get some justice serve for assholes like him.

  30. I dont have anything to relate to this but imagining Indian gangs in America is hilarious

  31. The only box I'll accept is the Companion Cube

  32. Yeah I admit I am but so are his tweets

  33. These comments sure are cool

  34. Agreed. If it’s some bullshit announcement, I’m selling 90% of my IMX and using the money to just buy more GME

  35. Maybe they meant it'll take 10 quarterly reports before they actually do a true reveal

  36. Worth 10 quarterly reports after 10 quarters pass. So an average of 1 quarter's worth per quarter. CRAZY!

  37. I got downvoted for scoffing at the Byron hype posts. I stand by it fully that they are playing these wrong.

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