1. I wish I wouldn't pay 6,000$ to see this, but I probably would, depending on the senators.

  2. Personally, I'd rather have a glove-first than bat-first SS. Especially with how the rest of our lineup plays out. That said, Shewmake was good in Spring Training 2023 and A ball 2019. Everything in between has not been good, so he doesn't (yet) have the track record to indicate he'll be successful at MLB level.

  3. I have a feeling Shewmake is going to break out offensively this season.

  4. I paid 1.99 for their last deal and it still kept shutting me out of articles. They didn’t do much to help either.

  5. I went ahead and added the scenes together (but cut Chris).

  6. Ozzie told Wash he couldn't hit the ball over the first base screen on the first try.

  7. Technically, its not RBI's. It's just RBI. 1 Run batted in - 8 Runs batted in.

  8. I am quite amused at you trying to get technical while missing an apostrophe on "its" and using one on "RBI's" when you shouldn't have.

  9. How much longer is his contract with fox because they have to realize that people just do not like him. Even Braves fans who should be more forgiving to his commentary can’t stand him anymore

  10. I just can't understand why they keep signing him. The only people who like him are super old boomers.

  11. There are definitely a lot of casual younger fans who actually enjoy having a commentator who isn’t a super nerd rambling all game about a players xwOBAwaaWL%MICKEYMOUSE+.

  12. There's a happy medium between shitting on well-established analytics and discussing them nonstop (which literally no one does).

  13. That's hilarious, great catch. They were actually talking about hitting a baseball over the BP screen on the first try.

  14. I'm telling you, that guy could be the star of a show called "Podcast guests I don't care about."

  15. Honestly, one of my all-time favorite quotes. I use it literally all the time.

  16. I swear I see more Reddit titles with "seen" than "saw".

  17. Is that supposed to be Kelsey, I just see a blob.

  18. Remember when we convinced you to zoom in on that Ozzie chain giveaway on her chest? Lol

  19. I know his fielding metrics don’t say he’s anything special at short but every time I’ve watched him play there he’s shown a good glove and a great arm. I called him a Hoover with a Howitzer last year. Call me crazy but I’m actually intrigued and excited to see what he can do.

  20. His fielding metrics at shortstop are actually quite solid.

  21. Well I’m a victim of listening to the haters then. He passed my eye test and my eyes are usually pretty good.

  22. My dude, I had someone post his actual OAA chart as proof he was below average when zero is average and he's only ever had one season out of seven below zero. LMAO

  23. Man, this is the first I've heard of this!

  24. What do you mean, I've been here the whole time. /s

  25. Can't wait to see him win RoY and get an extension for 10yrs/$2

  26. Gonna be difficult to win RotY in his eighth MLB season, but maybe!

  27. Vaughn Grissom and Braden Shewmake were both optioned to AAA.

  28. With 7 games left, the Braves have a real chance at this thing.

  29. That pitch to first was a little high & away but you love to see it

  30. Watching this play taught me that I have Soroka PTSD.

  31. And both runs involved an error on the field.

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